• Lebanon
  • August 6, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Rezka: Israel follows footsteps of Nazism and would face the same fate

 PA information minister Dr. Yousef Rezka has affirmed that the scenes of Israeli killing of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese civilians was indeed an inseparable part of the Zionist security mentality that sees no sin in killing non-Jewish people.

He substantiated his accusations with the series of religious edicts issued by high-ranking Jewish rabbis who sanctioned the Qana massacre, and considered it as a “permissible act”.

Rezka, who was delivering the Friday Khutba (sermon) in Al-Buraij refugee camp east of Gaza Strip, explained that Muslims nowadays have no choice other than resistance to defend themselves, their countries, and above all their religion.

Israel, he asserted, was following the footsteps of the Nazis and the Moguls who committed heinous crimes that occurred twice in history shedding blood everywhere, killing millions of people and wreaking havoc; and Israel will face the same dramatic end of those two tyrant forces.

He further charged that Israel accepts no negotiations if it believed that such negotiations wouldn’t realize its goals, adding that 10 years of Palestinian fruitless negotiations with Israel could serve as clear evidence to that fact.

In conclusion, the minister urged the Palestinian people to grasp the concepts of resistance and self-defense as explained in the Holy Koran, and to consolidate their ranks in preparation for confronting the Israeli plans and conspiracies against them.

For his part, Khaled Al-Batesh, the prominent Islamic Jihad political leader, opined that the next stage will witness more victories for Muslims, and that Muslims will rise once again at the expense of the Zionist-American project in the region, adding that the “new Middle East will be drawn with weapons of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine”.

“We must all know that once the IOF troops abandon ethics, they will turn into ferocious animals that gobble all things before them, and would resort to killing and destruction, which indicate that they lost the war and want civilians of the other party to be the scapegoats and pay the price”, Batesh said in comment on the IOF troops massacre in the Lebanese northern town of Al-Qa’a Friday.

The Islamic Jihad leader flayed the UN, asserting that it has turned into a ploy in the hands of the USA to kill and butcher the Lebanese and Palestinian people.

He also charged that Arab silence over the Israeli invasion of Palestine and Lebanon as well as the carnages the IOF troops were committing in those two places has greatly helped Israel to continue the ugly job, adding that Arab rulers will one day be held accountable before their own peoples.

Concerning the Palestinian internal affairs amidst the new IOF policy of contacting Palestinian families through phones, and asking them to leave the houses before reducing them to rubble, Batesh underlined that “our enemy was targeting us in our homes, streets, and workplaces; and thus, we should not fear the enemy and disregard those calls so as not to give Israel the chance to go ahead with such policy”.