Right Wing Extremists Threatens Muslims In UK With Beheadings

The Sunday Times reported that right wing extremists are staying the same course of the Islamic extremist groups; they broadcast tapes on the internet threatening of beheading the British Muslims.

The newspaper published a picture belonging to a white man with a black mask; the man was completely hidden except for the eyes. Within these films, which were broadcast from 11 up to 19 August 2006, there were some persons carrying knives and calling all Muslims in Britain to get out of the country, otherwise they will be killed.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Sayed al- Ferjani, Head of the Political Bureau and Public Relation of the Islamic Association in Britain , said “this is not the first time for Muslims to be threatened by murder, but threats were in different means other than the new one”

Al- Ferjani said that the right wing extremists reached this dangerous status because:

First: The general practices of the British media which is subject to business men and the Jewish lobby. Some of these media work for certain aims which are far from partiality and honesty. There is a daily mobilization that Islam and Muslims present a great risk to Britain , and therefore, they must be abolished. Also there are some mass media describing Islam and Muslims as terrorists. The security forces practices also have a great impact in this respect.

Second: and the most dangerous one from al- Ferjany’s point of view is Al- Qa’eda network’s actions. They are in the favor of Zionist lobby and the enemies of Islam as well, i.e. the media use these actions to mutilate Islam and Muslims, and overgeneralizing these practices on all Muslims.

Al- Ferjani indicated that European Muslims are more than tens of millions, and began to have an effective presence, which all the political powers seek to be in their side in elections.
He called on the mass media to be impartial and not to work for certain mutilating targets. He also called on the security forces not to escape goat Muslims for any bad actions, because no sooner had they detained Muslims, than many of the Muslims were released due to lack of evidence.