• January 23, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Rights Activists Slam Journalist Kabany Arrest by Military Junta Security Forces

Rights Activists Slam Journalist Kabany Arrest by Military Junta Security Forces

 On Thursday, January 22, Egyptian police arrested journalist Hassan Kabany, member of the Journalists’ Syndicate and founder and chairman of Journalists For Reform, a movement which is active in journalist circles, with insights, statements and press conferences in defense of the freedom of the press and journalists.

Kabany’s arrest is part of an intensifying campaign by coup security agencies systematically targeting reporters who refuse the military-installed regime currently in power, a ruthless campaign which started since the July 3, 2013 coup. Kabany is only the latest victim of junta fascism. Many other journalists and media professionals who reject the authority of the coup regime were arrested and detained. The number of currently imprisoned journalists and media workers are 105, not to mention the many journalists and media professionals who have been released after long imprisonment (some without ever being charged) by coup security agencies.

The Arab Monitor For Media Freedom (AMMF) demands the release of Kabany and all other journalists and media workers held in junta jails.

AMMF also calls on all local and international human rights organizations to act without delay to save the press and media freedom and free expression in Egypt, which receives heavy blows, daily, from the repressive ruling regime that has turned the media into a mere subsidiary arm for its security agencies, receiving instructions to execute quietly, in clear violation of the rules and principles of professional media work, the Charter of Media honor and the people’s right to knowledge and accurate information, with full transparency.