Rights Center Calls For Probe Into Assaults Against Civilian in Aga

Rights Center Calls For Probe Into Assaults Against Civilian in Aga

Awlad Al-Ard Organization for Human Rights called for immediate probe into the assault against Ahmad Al-Arnab from Aga city in Daqahliah and ensuring necessary guarantees through the Attorney General of the governorate and the technical bureau of the Prosecutor General.


The center called for holding into account those involved in these violations and described such assaults as blatant violations of human rights and disrespect of the people’s freedoms and lives.


Chief f Aga’s investigation bureau sent on August 26, 2008 more than a detective to Al-Arnab to summon him for probes before “Meet Damsis” police station. When he went there, he faced assaults and battery as well as shackling for more than two hours at the police station before moving him to Aga’s police premises where he was kept in “refrigerator” labeled with “Secret Detectives’ Chamber” for camouflage. They robbed him of his stuff.


He suffered from aggressive assaults for two days at the hands of policemen and detectives. Moreover, he was threatened of detention and fabricated charges unless he works as a private detective with the chief of Aga’s investigation bureau.


It is worth mentioning that Al-Arnab has committed no crimes and has got his criminal record blank and has not been previously convicted. He humored the chief till his release.


The center stressed that Al-Arnab has been wandering around the country and spends the night outside home lest he would be oppressed by the police again; especially that the security forces inspected and destroyed the assets of the house leading to the displacement of the wife and four children who escaped the oppression of the ruthless police.