• November 25, 2014

Rights Conference Commemorates Martyrs Deliberately Killed in Egypt Prisons

Rights Conference Commemorates Martyrs Deliberately Killed in Egypt Prisons

Participants attending a conference on deaths in detention due to torture or medical negligence strongly condemned what they see as a form of ‘pre-meditated murder’, which has already claimed the lives of more than 88 inmates including Dr. Tarek Ghandour (physician), Abu-Bakr Al-Qadi (accountant), Mohamed Ramadan (student) and Zaki Abul-Magd (agricultural engineer).

In a statement, conference participants said, "What is happening in Egyptian prisons is a moral and human rights crime that will not be forgotten by the Egyptian people, who led the revolutionary struggle in an exemplary resilient and peaceful manner.

"Egyptians will not tolerate such unspeakable heinous crimes against helpless inmates. The current regime’s persistence in brutal repression, human rights abuse and the torture and killing of Egyptian men and women, old and young, and the imposition of the security grip on the people of Egypt in this barbaric way, which violates the most basic democratic and human rights principles, will push this country into a dark tunnel, and threaten the security and stability of the homeland.

"The Egyptian people yearn for freedom, democracy and justice as the only way to save whatever is now left of the homeland… Human rights organizations inside and outside Egypt must show solidarity with the prisoners of freedom of opinion and expression and pressure the current regime to release them all immediately, for they are the nation’s intellectuals, builders and engineers, without whom the homeland cannot progress."

They also called for immediate release on ill-health grounds of all detainees who need medical care, and a halt to the indiscriminate arrest of the finest men of the homeland, including doctors, engineers, professors and other honorable citizens who endeavor to help their homeland Egypt develop and progress, and to maintain its stability and security.