Rights Group: 153 Killed, 158 Missing, 1000 Extradited on Illegal Migration in 10 months

Rights Group: 153 Killed, 158 Missing, 1000 Extradited on Illegal Migration in 10 months

Illegal migration led to death of 153, 158 missing and extradition of 1000 Egyptian young men, said a report tracing Egyptian youth illegal migration issued by a human rights organization.

The report- issued by Awlad Al-Ard (sons of land) human rights organization- confirmed that it is absurd that arresting mediators of these illegal migrations or even eliminating such continuous illegal attempts by young men to migrate to north Mediterranean countries will end such a deadly phenomenon .

The report- written by prominent human rights activists- pointed out that the phenomenon of the illegal migration will even increase as long as poverty is still gaining ground in Egypt. The only way to end this tragedy is to create real job opportunities which are sufficient for the increasing numbers of jobless- up to 2.0 millions according to government figures, while other non-governmental agencies estimate the number of the jobless up to 8 millions.
Those trying to illegally emigrate every year are up to dozens of thousands.  The report added that during the last ten months, 153 persons died. In the last tragedy that included about two hundred Egyptian young men aboard two boats that sank off Italian coasts, up to 28 drowned and 23 are missing. 141 young men who escaped death didn”t manage to escape from Egyptian authorities as Italian government extradited them to Egypt.
The report documented that in January 2007, 16 young men from Bani Hilal, Menia El Kameh Sharqiya, went missing the Mediterranean Sea while they were trying to travel to Italy. They are missing because their bodies can”t be recovered or found. The names of the 16 young men are:

Rabie Ibrahim Al Sayed Al Bazar
Ahmed Abdul Fattah Awadallah
Mostafa Hassan Ali
Mohamed Maher Al Sayed Atiya
Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim
 Mahmoud Abdul Ghani Mohamed
Tarek Mohamed Salem
Abdullah Awadallah
Sherif Hassan Mohamed
Abdul Karim Ibrahim
Abdul Ati
Mohamed Salah Mohamed
Ali Abdul Hakim Ali
 Mohamed Shawqi Zaher
Ahmed Saber Zaki
Tamer Zaghloul Ali
Nazmi Nihad Abdul Salam.
8 young men from the village of Damlash, Belqas Dakahlia Governate, went missing also in the Mediterranean Sea:
Ahmed Hassan Saleh
Atef Mohamed Abdul Wahab
Hatem Ahmed Mahmoud
Mohamed Al-Sayyed Mohamed
Ashraf Mohamed Al Demerdash
Hamada Saad Al Disti
Walid Shaiboub Mohamed
 Mohamed Mahrous Atallah.

5 young men from the village of Shirbin Busat went missing as well:
Mohamed Abul Fattouh Atwan
 Osama Gomaah Khater
Khaled Mohamed Atiya
Adel Rajab Abdul Ati
Mohamed Abdul Ati Hbala.

Thus, the number of those declared missing in the January was 30 missing. In February, seven died and 12 young men went missing. They are from the village of Demira, Dakahlia. Also 100 Egyptians were extradited from Libya to Egypt and 98 young men were arrested in front of Baltym beach while they ere poised to leave for Italy.
In March, 50 Egyptian young men were extradited from Italy and Iran released and extradited 13 Egyptian young men who illegally infiltrated into its borders. Libya released 81 Egyptian prisoners, raising to 149 the number of those extradited to Egypt.

In April, 6 young men from the village of Mit Zankar, Talkha in Dakahlia Governate, died and Libyan authorities released 15 others while illegally infiltrate into it to travel Italy. In May, 4 young men from village of Howd went missing as Italian authorities extradited 21 Egyptians after they illegally infiltrated into it.
As for the month of June, up to 64 Egyptian young men went missing, including 13 young men from the village of Damlash,  Belqas Dakahlia Governate, while they were illegally emigrating to Greece. Also, 51 young men from governorates of Al Behera, Monofiya and Dakahlia went missing during their voyage to Greece. A young man drowned off Egyptian coasts after a boat capsized and the Tunisian coast guards declared arresting 6 Egyptians who were starting to sail to Italy, raising to 63 the number of those arrested before illegally migrating to Italy.
After holding them in Syrian prisons, Syrian authorities extradited 83 Egyptian young men who were kidnapped by international gangs smuggling workers.

In July, 9 Egyptians drowned off Tunisian coasts while trying to migrate to Italy while Egyptian authorities arrested of 200 young men shortly before escaping to Italy also. Other 356 Egyptian young men were extradited from both Italy and Libya during this month.

In September, 76 Egyptian young men went missing in the Mediterranean Sea,  including 14 young men from the village of Safita- Sharqiya Governorate- while they were starting a voyage to Italy and eight others drowned off the coasts of Rashid City, 36 others drowned. 6 others drowned off coasts of Izmir, Turkey, including four from the village of Shubra Mals, Gharbiya Governorate:
Hani Ahmed Ismail
Adel Abdullah Zakariya
Hisham Sayed Ahmed

Libyan authorities extradited 235 Egyptian young men because they attempted to infiltrate, by sea, into European countries.
The report concluded by sounding a wakeup call, confirming that these figures are appalling although they are the minimum reached and that the facts that have been reached around this issue are ” just a tip of an iceberg “.
These figures confirm that Egyptian youth pay the cost of mistakes committed by successive governments and that the issue of illegal migration is still- despite the increasing death tolls- spreading and increasing.