• February 3, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

Rights Group Condemns Iconic Tahrir Square Rapes

Rights Group Condemns Iconic Tahrir Square Rapes

SAWASYA strongly condemned gang rapes witnessed in Tahrir Square during the second anniversary of the twenty-fifth of January Revolution, more than 23 cases, which take the revolution away from the peaceful path hailed by the whole world.

The human rights center issued a statement saying that such rapes that violate the most basic of a person’s human rights are also ethical and legal crimes, totally incompatible with the principles and values of the Egyptian people, who held out in Tahrir Square for 18 days of revolution during which not a single case of rape or sexual harassment was witnessed or reported.

It stressed that the crime of rape does not only scar the victims permanently, but also hurts the path of the blessed Egyptian Revolution, and harms the reputation and status of postrevolution Egypt, although, in fact, the Egyptian people highly respect moral values, customs and religious traditions.

The Center’s statement pointed that the recurrence of such crimes, and the fact that they are being mostly ignored by patriotic groups and movements and honorable revolutionaries, are causing the iconic Tahrir Square to lose its symbolic value and influence in the future.

The statement added that: “This is not the first time that gang-rape of girls takes place in Tahrir Square. Similar cases of violent rape and sexual harassment were witnessed and reported in earlier protests, where no-one interfered to protect girls from such horrific crimes. This means that for half the Egyptian society, going down to Tahrir has become a very risky undertaking – an image we need to change, so Tahrir may maintain its inspiring status in the hearts of the people”.

Therefore, SAWASYA urges the government to quickly arrest these criminals and bring them to trial, and to impose the harshest deterrent punishment against them.

It also demands mass media highlight the seriousness of these despicable crimes, and expose those responsible for them, in order for Tahrir to continue to represent the Egyptian revolution.

In conclusion, SAWASYA said honorable revolutionaries in Tahrir Square should get rid of all thugs and vandals lurking around them, and help the police arrest and convict the culprits, so Tahrir remains a symbol of the glorious peaceful Revolution.