• September 24, 2016
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Rights Group Condemns Junta Violations Against Children As Medical Neglect Threatens Child’s Life

Rights Group Condemns Junta Violations Against Children As Medical Neglect Threatens Child’s Life

Fifteen-year old Mohamed Raafat’s health has deteriorated seriously in Zagazig Young Offenders Prison in Sharqiya Province, with the latest medical tests showing he suffers from hepatitis A virus (HAV).

The child’s family got the necessary tests done for him, after a lot of suffering. They were shocked to find he was infected with HAV, a type of hepatitis. When they asked how this happened, they learned it was caused by contaminated foods and drinks served at the prison.

It all started when Mohamed’s family noticed his face and eyes were turning yellow, a few weeks ago, and he suffered constant pains in his tummy. They rushed to do a few tests for him.

The child’s family handed medical test result documents to the prison management and asked for his transfer to a hospital. Absurdly, the prison administration refused to do so adamantly. The local prosecutor’s office at Derb Negm also refused to allow his transfer to a hospital equipped to handle his condition despite his young age.

Mohamed, a student in the first grade of Al-Azhar secondary school, was arrested on July 8, 2016. He lived with his parents in the village of Abu-Berri in Derb Negm town – Sharqeya Province.

Mohamed’s brother had been arrested and detained nine months earlier. His father was released from a detention center a few days ago.

Shehab Center for Human Rights condemns the intransigence in the junta authorities’ refusal to grant detainees their basic rights as recognized by all local and international laws.

Shehab Center further calls on the Special Committee of the United Nations Conference on the enjoyment of the highest level of medical care to intervene to improve the situation of prisoners in Egypt’s detention centers. It also urges all concerned authorities to allow detainees to receive appropriate treatment for medical conditions until they achieve full recovery.

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