Rights Group Lash out at Trying Civilians before Military Justice

Rights Group Lash out at Trying Civilians before Military Justice

Human rights activists sharply criticized Egyptian authorities for the military ruling issued against blogger Ahmed Douma and Ahmed Kamal Abdul Aal, of sentencing them for a year in prison and paying 2000 Egyptian pounds in fines. They received such sentences on charge of illegaly entering Gaza Strip.

Sayed Abul Ela, lawyer of Hesham Mubarak”s Law Centre, said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the trial of a civilian in front of a military judge who takes orders from his senior commands is a violation to gurantees of a fair trial.
“As for the presidential decree no. 298 of the year 1995 that incriminates crossing the country”s eastern borders- subject to which they are sentenced- it violates the Egyptian constitution and the emergency law both in the way and text in which it was issued”, he added.

He pointed out that the defence team will appeal against the ruling according to the amendment of the military law issued in 2007 of making military justice with two levels, the first of them allows appeals.

Abul Ela accused the Egyptian regime of exploiting the military justice to settle scores with political rivals.

He confirmed that such trials are a message to everyone trying to show solidarity with Gaza Strip, pointing out thr trial of Majdi Hussein, the Secretary-General of the Labor Party, will be similar to this trial.

It is worth noting that blogger Douma was arrested last week while returning from Gaza Strip through Egyptian Rafah Crossing and was referred to a military court.