Rights Group Raises Doubts About Mubarak’s Trial

Rights Group Raises Doubts About Mubarak’s Trial






On the eve of former president Mubarak’s trial, the Arab Network for Human Rights Informations (ANHRI)  criticized government’s plans to bring former regime’s figures to justice and questioned the integrity of the trial in light of measures taken by court. 

“Practices of dubious and non-transparent, are now in the Cairo Court of Appeal, entrusted with the arrangements for the trial of deposed President Hosni Mubarak, his sons, his Minister of Interior “Habib Al-Adli” and others, may result in depriving relatives of the martyrs and their lawyers to attend the trial, which will convert it into a mock trial and not serious, in the absence of stakeholders and the most important parties who are families of the victims and their lawyers.” ANHRI said

ANHRI lawyers who are representing 16 family of families of the martyrs, by legal authorization, have committed themselves to the rules announced by the Court of Appeal, which is to provide legal authorization and official capacity, to give them permission to attend the trial tomorrow, as civil plaintiffs for the families of martyrs and victims, then they provided all the necessary papers, with many other lawyers and the families of martyrs and victims, but the Court of Appeal closed its doors and so far refused to give ANHRI and many other lawyers permission to attend the trial, despite their right to get the permissions.

The trial proceedings will be under intensive security procedures are overseen by the Egyptian army, so that it will be difficult -if not impossible- to enter the courtroom, or even reach to the Police Academy without these permissions.

“Depriving the lawyers were delegated by the official capacity and the interest in attending the trial, invalidates the trial – even if the choice of some lawyers who have been chosen – and complete them with characters or extras are not linked to the case will reinforce fears that revolve in the the minds of millions of Egyptian citizens about the seriousness and fairness of this trial. We take care of the legal defense for 16 families, who will represent them in the trial?” Gamal Eid, Executive director ANHRI said

“We see that what is happening beyond the stage of the lack of transparency to the stage of elusive and procrastination! And there is no right to any party, whatever it is, to deprive families of martyrs and their lawyers to attend the trial, that’s make it a mock trial and repeal it. We will not stop to describe this as a flop – if not a deliberately- to make it a television mock trial, and will go to defend the rights of those we represent them by the authority of law, and disclose to the public any override or collusion, we’re seeing.” Eid added