Rights groups report violations to human rights in Geneva

Rights groups report violations to human rights in Geneva

The report highlighted Egyptian regime exploitation of the human rights organizations to approve the government’s performance without accepting their recommendations despite alleging that it converses with them

The Rights’ report discussed the renewed 30 year old emergency law imposed since Mubarak came to power in 1981, adding that the Egyptian government did not adhere to limiting its enforcement to cases of terrorism and drug trafficking. According to the Rights group, emergency laws were used primarily against political opponents namely the Muslim Brotherhood and bloggers in cases unrelated to terrorism or drug trafficking

Magdy Abdul Hamid, head of the Egyptian Association for the Advancement of Community Participation emphasized the fact that Egypt ‘s performance during the last 100 days revealed complete disregard and violations of human rights on numerous levels.  He added “The continued detention of Mosaad Abu Fagr, Hany Nazir and Tarek Khedr are just an example of the oppression and injustices practiced by the authorities.”

The 100-day account, which documented violations against the right to free elections,  the latest being the Shura midterm elections where political opposition candidates mostly those of the Muslim Brotherhood were prevented to run as independents with violations to freedom of campaigning were evident

 Torture and poor prison conditions that led to the death of prisoners  were also discussed in the report, which concluded in recording the lack of women’s rights and freedom of belief

Representatives of the forum plan will be given six minutes to inform the council on the violations recorded when they participate in the 11th June UNHRC meeting in Geneva

The council had previously discussed the Egyptian file, in February presenting 165 recommendations where Egypt accepted 119, postponed 25 and rejected the rest