Rights Organization: War Criminal Assad Must Be Referred to International Criminal Court

Rights Organization: War Criminal Assad Must Be Referred to International Criminal Court

 SAWASYA (center for human rights and anti-discrimination) expressed strong condemnation of the heinous massacres and continued killings committed by Bashar Al-Assad’s army, security forces and Hezbollah militias against unarmed civilians in the city of Qusayer and other Syrian cities, where internationally banned weapons are being used, violating the national sovereignty of a neighboring state, without the slightest regard for international norms or conventions on human rights.

SAWASYA urged the international community, especially the United Nations and the Security Council and the Arab League, to bear their responsibilities and carry out their duties towards the struggling people of Syria, adding that immediate deterrent action must be taken against the criminal repressive regime, and to refer Assad to the International Criminal Court as a war criminal, so he would be an abject lesson for others, and so everyone knows that the will of the peoples will always triumph.

SAWASYA also urged Arab and Muslim peoples and all the free peoples of the world to demonstrate peacefully to express their solidarity with the Syrian people, and to pressure their governments to put pressure on the Syrian regime to stop the massacres committed daily against unarmed civilians.

The rights organization called on all peoples of the world to boycott Chinese and Russian goods and products, and pressure their governments to stop dealing with China and Russia, unless and until they stop supporting Bashar al-Assad.

It added that what is happening in Syria is a shameful stain on the conscience of mankind, as the whole world, including Arab countries, is still standing idly by, passively watching these heinous massacres that kill dozens, even hundreds, of innocent people every day, people who have done nothing but demand freedom and democracy, like the rest of the peoples of the free world.