• March 15, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

Rights Organization Condemns Dismissal of Anti-Coup Egyptian Judges

Rights Organization Condemns Dismissal of Anti-Coup Egyptian Judges

The Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms (ECCRF) condemns the latest massacre of the judiciary by the ruling regime in Egypt, where 41 judges were removed from their posts today (Sunday) for daring to announce their rejection of the chaos that had taken place since June 30, 2013 by reading a statement on the Rabaa Square sit-in platform (just before the horrid bloody massacre in which thousands of peaceful protesters were murdered in cold blood by heavily-armed coup security forces).

The ruling issued today by Cairo Court of Appeal is indeed a new judicial massacre that tramples the rights and suppresses freedoms of judges simply for expressing their views. Evidently, the Ministry of Justice deals with double standards. While some 41 judges are sacked because of their political positions rejecting the ruling regime, other judges have been rewarded after declaring support for the same ruling regime, getting involved in politics publicly by speaking out in various media. The latter have not been subjected to any investigations, trials or punishment, simply because they belong to the same political school of the Minister of Justice.

ECCRF affirms that today (Sunday) Egypt witnessed a flagrant aggression on the independence of the judiciary, which points a damning finger at those who have grabbed control of the justice system, and highlights how the executive branch is illegally interfering in the judiciary’s work, negatively influencing its decisions in a way that makes justice in Egypt completely pointless.

ECCRF warns against this brutal move, which has many implications, the first of which is that citizens will feel that justice in Egypt has become limited to supporters of the current political regime and not others.

Furthermore, ECCRF demands the Egyptian judiciary defend its independence and form a shield to protect citizens’ rights and defend freedoms. It is most important for the citizens to face up to and rein-in the dictatorial executive branch.

Finally, ECCRF calls on all local and international human rights organizations to focus on Egyptian affairs and the flagrant violations now threatening the entire state.

The Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms

Cairo: Sunday – March 15, 2015