Rights Organizations: Sisi Regime Abducts, Disappears Seven Egyptian Women

Rights Organizations: Sisi Regime Abducts, Disappears Seven Egyptian Women
A number of human rights organizations in Egypt documented seven cases of enforced disappearance of Egyptian women who were arrested, detained and ‘disappeared’ by Sisi’s Interior Ministry. Those rights organizations reaffirmed that families of the disappeared women "do not have any information about the fate or whereabouts of their daughters," noting that some cases have gone on for more than a year already.

Rights sources further reaffirmed that the Sisi regime deliberately and systematically uses enforced disappearance as a brutal weapon against political opponents.

Among those who have been forcibly disappeared, and have not appeared until now:

* Samaher Abul-Rish. A 37-year-old citizen from El-Arish, North Sinai. According to the Swiss Organization for the Protection of Human Rights (SPH), national security forces dressed in civilian clothes arrested Samaher on August 22, 2015. No-one knows where she is until now.

* Fathia Mazid Sondoq. SPH said Fathia, a resident of Al-Mazraa Village, North Sinai, was arrested by the army on September 20, 2015, according to a complaint documented by the Sinai Monitor because her husband was "wanted". After being hauled over to the headquarters of Battalion 101 east of El-Arish, Fathia disappeared. Until now, no-one knows anything about her fate or whereabouts.

* Nisreen Abdullah Suleiman Rabaa. 35 years old. From the Fawakheriya tribe in El Arish. Married with five children. She was arrested by security forces on April 30, 2016 and has since been forcibly disappeared.

* Omaima Hussein Salem. 43 years old.

* Afaf Hussein Salem. 50 years.

* Ayah Mossaad Mohamed Al-Dahshan. 26 years old.

– The three women above were arrested in Helwan (Cairo), on August 28, 2017 from the family home because a relative (detainee Mahmoud Abu-Hassiba) had escaped from a detainee transport vehicle. They were taken, along with a large group of members of the same family, to Helwan Police Station where they were beaten, humiliated and interrogated. After a week of "investigations", security authorities moved the three women to an undisclosed location and denied they ever arrested them.

* Somaya Maher Hazema, 25. Resident of Shubra district in Damanhur, Beheira Governorate. Bachelor of Science, Al-Azhar University. Daughter of Maher Hazema, former member of Egypt’s (consultative) Shura Council. Somaya and her mother were arrested together on the morning of October 17, 2017. Her mother was released at the Supreme State Security Prosecution office. Now, the Qanater Prison administration denies holding Somaya altogether.