Rights Report: 35000 Workers Dismissed, 36 Sit-ins and Demonstrations, 10 killed last October

Rights Report: 35000 Workers Dismissed, 36 Sit-ins and Demonstrations, 10 killed last October

A Human rights report issued by Al-Ard (Earth) Human Rights Centre confirmed that 35 thousand workers were dismissed last month and ten sit-ins and demonstrations were staged and 10 workers died .
The report pointed out that 600 workers at the 10th of Ramadan City-based company of Family Nutrition organized a sit-in protest at the company”s measure of obliging them to work extra hours without any payment.

Also, 800 workers in the company of Stea for ready-made clothes staged a sit-in protesting at the administration”s unjust measure of not paying them their incentives in full in a contravention to instructions of the Holding Company for Spinning and Weaving, of paying 40 days profits.
In Helwan, about 500 workers at Al-Maasara company for Telephone Equipments staged a sit-in protesting at Jordanian investor”s refusal to pay them their incentives and his inflexibility in appointing the temporary labour force in addition to his attempts to close the company and dismiss its workewrs.

In Al-Arish, more than 800 teachers in North Sinai staged a sit in inside the premises of the Teachers” Syndicate in protest at transferring them to schools which are tens of miles away from their residence after the Ministry of Education immediately applied the system of the special cadre on teachers.

Owners of factories and workers at the new region of Shaq Al-Thuban staged a sit-in protesting at Cairo governor”s decision of demolishing 39 factories under pretext that they are established on unlicensed lands. This actually threatens with depriving them of their source of living.
In Tanta, workers at Tanta Company for Oils- 1300 workers- staged a sit-in protesting at not being paid a bonus, not raising the incentive and not raising the food allowance and not employing the temporary workforce.
Workers of the United Arab Bolivara Spinning, Weaving, Silk in Alexandria protested at the administration neglect to their demands of doubling dividends and raising their wages.

In Samanoud, governorate of Gharbiya, about 1300 workers in the company Wabariyat Samanoud staged a sit-in inside the premises of the company in protest at not paying LE 50 incentives and work risk allowance like their colleagues in companies of weaving and textile.

In Alexandria, about 1400 workers at the National Company for Weaving and Textile staged a sit-in protesting at the company management”s suspension of paying incentives and profits. In the Arab company for Reconstruction and Fibre Materials, more than 160 workers staged a sit in to protest at board director”s inflexibility and his insistence on changing their contracts from permanent to temporary contracts.

In Portsaid, 7 maths teachers in the Canal Prep school (boys) staged a sit-in inside the school principal office, and threatened with holding a hunger strike in protest at transferring them arbitrarily from the school to other schools.

In the governorate of Monoufia, more than 2500 workers at Ghazl Shebeen company staged a sit-in protesting at the board decisions of half day cuts if they came only 5 minutes late to work.
In Damietta, about 700 worker of the third shift in Damietta factory for weaving and textile staged a strike in protest at not paying them 4 months surplus profits.

11 workers in the ambulance facility in Al-Arish staged a strike protesting  at the maltreatment of the facility manager against them and imposing financial punishments on some of them.

In Shibin Al Kawm, about 1000 workers at Andrew Mattix Shibin Al Kawm staged a five-hour strike for the injustices of the Indian investor against them and against beating a colleague in addition to not raising their salaries since the company was privatized.
In Al Fayyum, both Mohamed Ragab Abd Al-Azim and Shawqi Abdul Halim Ahmed, who own shops in Ibeshway, staged a hunger strike inside Ibeshway Central Hospital protesting at the municipality”s breaching on the green areas in front of their shops and starting to build a residential building on it.

In all governorates in Egypt, about 55 thousand employees at the real-estate Tax Department staged an open work strike protesting at not responding to their key demand of including them to the Ministry of Finance and making them financially administratively equal to the Ministry of Finance employees.

Also, workers at Ideal company demonstrated in front of the Cabinet headquarters in protest at the main investor”s seizure of lands allocated to the workers.

In Dakahlia, about 900 workers have staged a rally inside Mit Ghamr company for weaving in protest at not paying 86 days profits, incentives and production bonus, and not paying the insurance policy and the annual social insurance of workers.

“Teachers without a Syndicate” movement staged a demonstration in front of the State Council while it was hearing case no. 4688 of the year of 60 demanding opening the door for running for the election of the Teachers” General Syndicate, closed since 2000.

Also, “Engineers against Guardianship”, staged a demonstration in front of the State Council while the Administrative Court was hearing the case of canceling the guardianship imposed on the syndicate The vigil lasted 2 hours under heavy security presence.

In Aswan, Hussein Abdul Latif, a worker at the sewerage company, died of suffocation while working. When his manager Mohamed Ali Hassan along with Gomaah Abdul Latif Mndoul, the chairman of the electricity department in the company, tried to rescue him they died of suffocation by the methane gas.

In the village of Tawba, Bilbeis, Sharqiya Governorate, Mohamed Abu Hadra, Khairi Mohamed, Mohamed Abdul Aziz Awadallah and Ashraf Oraby- workers in a workshop, drowned after falling in a 5-metre deep hole.