Rights Report: Egypt Slum Crises Are Aggravating

Rights Report: Egypt Slum Crises Are Aggravating

Sawaseya Center of Human Rights condemned the governmental negligence in dealing with Al-Doweeqa slum area catastrophe, and warned the general prosecutors from blaming the contractor -who was responsible for cleaning the dissolved rocks in the mountain- without developing a comprehensive report about the catastrophe.

The center demanded –in the report done by the fact-finding mission sent to the scene, of which Ikhwanweb obtained a copy-  to put a clear governmental strategy to deal with the slums crises in Egypt.

The report stressed on the need of parliamentary members to be present in such districts, to raise their issues and problems in the parliament, and the importance of cooperation with civil society organizations and charitable public organizations there.

Religious scholars and preachers focused on cooperation, to help the slums’ people and providing educational and economical opportunities.


The report was based on scientific studies on slums, that ensures that the poor inhabit these areas because they can not afford high housing prices.


The existence of conflicts and differences in statistics and reports issued by the officials, concerning number of slums in Egypt were also reported, and its lack of sanitation services, clean drinking water, food shortages and that 60 % of their children are deprived of services.


It was reported that Cairo Governorate and the Ministry of Housing could contribute to avoid this catastrophe, which did not happen, for their inability to take critical decisions.


The report shows that there is a chain of scientific studies confirming that Al-Doweeqa catastrophe was expected, such as the study prepared by the Scientific Research Academy in the year 1997, which is entitled “The Geology and Risks of Al Muqattam Mountain Area, Cairo”, which expected a chain of collapses which began in 1964, another in 1984, then September incident in 1993.


The report mentioned the scientific studies of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, which ensures that the rocks of Al Muqattam Plateau could collapse at any time. It stressed on the great danger on the mountain belt surrounding Cairo, starting from Helwan till it reaches Nasr City.


At the same time, professional geologists witnessed that, any building under Al Muqattam Mountain from Maadi till Nasr City is exposed to such incidents.


The geologists proposes to found retaining walls from reinforced concrete, providing adequate means of sanitation and its maintenance to avoid the sewage on the plateau, they also warned from building on it, but the responsible governmental agencies did not act on any of these recommendations.

The report demanded providing alternative housing for the slum residents, investigating those responsible and the inevitability of releasing the kidnapped citizens.