Rights Report Criticizes MB Military Tribunals and Municipal Elections Detentions

Rights Report Criticizes MB Military Tribunals and Municipal Elections Detentions

Report released by the Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies criticized military tribunals for 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, main opposition group in Egypt, which lasted year long and ended with guilty verdict for 25 of them including Khairat el Shater, the MB deputy chairman, in a flawed trial that was widely condmened by international human rights groups for failure to meet basic justic standards and was marred by numerous violations.

The report entitled “From Exporting Terrorism to Exporting Repression” described military tribunals for MB leaders as “extraordinary trials that lack standards of justice.”

The report also criticized the recent municipal elections in Egypt, and the arbitrary detention campaigns launched by security services against MB candidates and their supporters.

The report described the detention of hundreds of MB supporters and affiliates as a move that confirms the ruling party”s determination to use various methods to exclude the Muslim Brotherhood completely from participating in the political process.

 Bahi El-Deen Hassan, Director of Cairo Center, said that this year report, which included a detailed description of the situation of human rights in 12 Arab countries, indicates that the picture is gloomy concerning human rights situation in the Arab countries, and that the current situation is very deteriorating.

He pointed out that the recent period has witnessed a significant increase in repression by most regimes in the region. Arab regimes have started to crackdown on all reformers and human rights activists from all affiliations, not only Islamists.