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  • December 4, 2011
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Role of MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc (2005-2010)

Role of MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc (2005-2010)

In 2005-2010 parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc had quite an intense constitutional and legislative battle and made a huge effort documented in parliamentary records and statistical reports, witnessed by all, and built for them huge political and moral assets and a broad, extensive experience in the fields of legislative and supervisory approaches of state affairs management.   

1. Their top priorities were:


First: Safeguarding the freedom, security and dignity of the Egyptian citizen, and addressing the regime’s practices in violation of the law and the Constitution and violation of human rights.

Second: Eradicating corruption and monopoly, and protection of Egyptian resources and funds being looted and stolen openly by those in power, the privileged and the influential, by putting the brakes on the privatisation train, and addressing the squandering and waste of state lands, which exceeded one trillion Egyptian pounds, and of Egypt’s petroleum and gas sold at ridiculous below-market prices to the Zionist enemy and others.

Third: Activating our discussions of the budget and final accounts, which was professional, accurate and well thought out, and revealed squandering of hundreds of billions of Egyptian pounds in private funds, where we provided an integrated program to address the imbalance in the budget in order to achieve greater resources, fairer internal distribution and greater economic and social opportunities for Egypt.

Fourth: The MB’s parliamentary bloc adopted the most important Sharia (Islamic law) values ??and principles in the legislative aspects, the most important of which were principles of social justice and freedom, care for the oppressed classes, the poor and the marginalised, prohibition of usury, the organisation of Zakat, and the practical integration of morals and ethics.

Fifth: Members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc focussed all their attention to national security issues and vital issues of the nation, such as the cause of Palestine, the issue of South Sudan and Darfur, the headwaters of the Nile, and the problems of Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, believing that Egypt’s national security will only be achieved by carrying out its role in the Arab and Islamic region, in response to the Zionist and American plots and plans.

The bloc’s endeavours above had the greatest impact, exposing the shameful crimes of the regime and revealing its ugly secrets, thus playing a major role in breaking the barrier of fear and increasing public awareness, which were the most important reasons for the blessed revolution and its great success.

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