Rossi: The Israeli siege is the most hideous crime in human history

Rossi: The Israeli siege is the most hideous crime in human history

Italian senator Fernando Rossi condemned Saturday the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip as the most hideous crime in human history, calling on the European parliament to actively and urgently intervene to end the criminal blockade imposed on one and a half million Palestinians.

In a press statement, senator Rossi said that the Israeli blockade violates the basic human rights obligations and causes the slow death of many patients who need to travel for medical treatment abroad.

The Italian lawmaker expressed his delight to preside over the “Hope” for Gaza convoy, stressing his determination to continue his efforts to alleviate the suffering of the besieged Palestinians in the Strip.

The lawmaker urged all advocates of human rights, justice and freedom to raise their voices and condemn the Israeli siege, considering this a moral and humanitarian obligation imposed on all those who have living consciences.

In a related context, Hamdi Sha’at, the head of the government committee for the reception of delegations, stated that the “Hope” convoy which is headed by Italian senator Fernando Rossi, a prominent pro-Palestine activist, is composed of many European lawmakers coming from different countries such as Britain, Italy, Greece, Scotland and Switzerland along with a number of people with special needs.

Sha’at added that the convoy which left the Italian port of Genoa last Sunday is expected to arrive at the Alexandria port in mid-May and then will be heading by land towards Gaza.