Ruling Party Conference: Fakes do not solve problems

The Ruling Party in Egypt ends the activities of it’s forth conference today. Many observers agree unanimously that the party changed the conditions of the country to worse; the last conference seemed to be a festival of fakes and slogans in order to hide the violations perpetrated against citizens. Misapprehension deludes idiot politicians and rulers that lies are good working method to mock the masses and extend their terms. The fact is the citizen does really want to believe in slogans, all what he seeks is to see actions speaking louder than words. The citizen wants to feel that the government is really devoted for its mission in meeting the demands of the citizen.
 Yet, the reality is different. In Egypt, mass media with its powerful means failed to beautify the ugly face of reality, yet, it reflected the great opposition of masses to the regime, despite the duplicate news propagated in media, masses show great zealous in rejecting the reality. The problem lies in lying which became a methodology and ideology at the same time. It increased threats against the country and it paved way for unpromising predictions. If there is a policy managed by Hosni Mubarak, and adopted by the next president (his son), then it is inevitable that there should be a specialized group of people who forge facts and call citizens to believe it.

Many observers and analysts did not believe the slogans of the conference especially when knowing that they were mere lies and repeated words reflecting the ignorance and the idiocy of the people who said them. Many words lost their real meanings and the halls of the conference became halls for absurdity. When these fakes are propagated among optimistic and intelligent people like Egyptians they became mere absurd. Even their absurdity was not much tactful to cause laughter. Prime minister was heavy-blooded and he made trials to deem witty but he failed.
Gamal Mubarak was looking pessimistic as ever and pale with yellow eyes all this made the show extremely farcical. The most funny of slogans was that of “New Thought”, “A Second Leap to Future”, because all people know well what is meant by new thought since the revered son (Gamal Mubarak) surfaced as the next president. People are also aware of the camouflages used to conceal the crime of usurping presidency and plundering the wealth of Egypt. These camouflages are carried out daily on no bases, manners or laws. The first leap for the party was last year, it followed the same western methods in presidency affairs yet it proved the individuality in decisions. If any one observed the role of Mubarak and his anti-support for the Lebanese resistance then one can feel his shameful stance for supporting the Zionist military assaults in Lebanon and on Palestinians. Animosity against Mubarak increased when he allied with Saudi and Jordan in renouncing the Lebanese resistance. His second term was a grievous one especially when the number of victims and casualties in accidents of transportation increased.

What do we expect then from the second leap to future? The new thought they are heralding for is not different from the previous one. It is full of lies, alienation and then generalizing all these aspects on the region starting from Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. The second leap’s mission is to waste all wealth and resources so that next generations would find nothing but debris. The revered son tried wittingly to criticize the American and Zionist stance to show people that he is no in accord with Washington and Tel Aviv!! The reality surfaced when President Mubarak declared to all Zionist leaders that he will not participate in any battle, because he is a mystic man for popularity as if he enjoys real popularity!!

The message was very clear; Mubarak was giving the green light to enemies to perpetrate all atrocities they want as he will not do anything but will keep silent before atrocities. He even appears very strict with Iran, as he considers any participation would threat the national security even if he sent a piece of message rejecting what is taking place in Palestine, Lebanon or the Anglo-American Zionist attacks in Iraq.

All people agree that the last conference of the ruling party was just mere fakes, statements for praise and loyalty to the inheritance of the presidency as many believe that the leaders are putting final touches in order to accomplish it. Mubarak refused from twenty five years to appoint a deputy for him, now there are hints that he may appoint his sin to be the deputy. According to our analyses; this reflects his bewilderment from the failure of many scenarios to let his son succeed him. However, this post guarantees for the son a great protection from the father, besides; this may quell people who want to abolish the son from this post.

The conference failed though great companies sponsored it because they imitated the American style in direction beside they used many luxurious means that vexed the majority of Egyptians who suffer poverty. The conference lacked well-organization as if it was a popular party, any unorganized conference should be compared to a popular party. However, this conference has two heads; one is waning away while the other is rising. Many people described the conference as a mockery; because the conference was defending relentlessly the monopoly practiced by business men, and guaranteed for them stealing the public fund and justifying their means.

Figures submitted in the official papers of the conference were not true ones. Figures that claimed that there is an increase in growth rate were untrue because how can society develop growth rate while there is a high costs of living? How can there be growth rate accompany while there are increase in inflation rate, increase in the rate of unemployment, the plummet of prices, the presence of a wide gap between the rich and the poor, and the deterioration in facilities?! The number of scattered areas augmented due to the support of business men and monopoly. If the government was committed to establishing housings for low0income people, scattered areas would not have emerged because scattered areas threat the social justice.
 If a member of the policies secretariat of the National Democratic Party Hossam Al-Badrawi had not invented the investment treatment in hospitals, Public hospitals would have not collapsed. He is trying to cancel the free of charge education as well. Those who stood behind this disaster were the business men working in the field of education. Private universities plagued Egypt in the recent years in order to prevent low-income people from education. They claim that they are making good use of the experience of developed countries that used the previous methods.
 Despite that, it is known that the strongest of British prime ministers was Margaret Thatcher was a daughter of a grocer while John Major started his early life as a player in a circus then he started his career at the age of sixteen, and many other politicians. President Nasser was right when he said that poverty and richness should not be the criterion for education; because poverty can not be a justification that people would be deprived of education, treatment, social insurance and political participation. We can not mention details about the deterioration in transportation especially railways and trains and that in a country that was among the first countries to use railways after Great Britain immediately. Dismantling this sector means dismantling the unity of Egypt.
 They want to sell it as scrap metal to business men who monopolized iron and to the American, Western and Zionist companies. Lately, they decided to stop about 40 of its engines because they claim they want to protect travelers. They categorize this disaster under the economic reformation, then comes after the political reformation that strangles citizens. Inside their ruling party they do not elect people but the father commissioned his son to choose whatever he wants as a result no body can ever deviate from the adopted methods, or can present a draft law to combat corruption, bribery, vandalism, poverty or protecting citizens against epidemics, negligence of their treatment because all these tyrants are fortressed in their homes that extend from Sharm El-Sheikh, to the Red Sea. Then the Egypt and Egyptians shall go to hell as they have never witnessed an extreme deterioration before like this in all domains.