Ruling regime arrests Egypts finest on February 8.

Ruling regime arrests Egypts finest on February 8.

The recent fierce campaign of arrests which took place on Monday February 8, 2010 targeted high-ranking figures from the Brotherhood’s Executive Office and many of its leading leaders in a number of Egypt’s governorates

Ikhwanweb has collected a modest profile of each of the detainees:

-Name: Dr. Assayed Mahmoud Ezzat Ibrahim

-Date of Birth: 13-8-1944

-Career: Professor at the Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Five

-Academic Qualifications: Bsc. of Medicine in 1975, – Master degree in 1980, – PhD in 1985


-May 1993, 6 months in Salsabeel case,

-1995, sentenced to five years for taking part in the Brotherhood’s Shura Council election and for being a member of the Guidance Bureau, and he was released in

-Current positions:

-Deputy board chairman of the Islamic Medical Society

-Former member of Executive Bureau in 1981

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Name: Dr. Essam El-Erian

– Date of Birth: April 28, 1954.

– Social status: Married with four children.

– Career: A Clinical Pathologist (Hematology and Medical Tests), and Treasurer of the Doctors’ Syndicate.

– In head of the political section in the Muslim Brotherhood from 2004 until 2009 and a member of the Guidance Bureau since 2009.

– Founding member of the Islamic student activities in Cairo and other Egyptian universities in 1970s


-sentenced to five years from January 1995 to January 2000.

– arrested in May 2005 and was released ahead of parliamentary elections.

– arrested May 2006 released on December 2006.

– detained in July 2007 released in October 2007

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– Name: Abdul Rahman Al-Barr

– Date of Birth: June 14 1964

-Social Status: Married


Professor of Science of Hadith (Prophetic Tradition), Faculty of Usul Ad-Din (Theology), Mansoura Branch, Al-Azhar University.

– Previously worked as a lecturer in the Department of Methodology of Hadith, Faculty of Theology, Al-Mansoura in 1985, then an assistant lecturer in the same department in 1989), lecturer in 1993 and assistant professor in 1998. 2004 until now, he is a Professor of Hadith.

– He was seconded to the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University as assistant professor in the Faculty of Shariah and Principles of Religion University from 1996 through 2002.

– Supervised numerous masters and PhD thesis Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

-Elected board of directors of the Azhar Scholar’s Front in 1995, He joined Senior Scholars of Al-Jam`iyyah Ash-Shar`iyyah of People rule by Book (Quran) and Sunnah, He thought at Preacher’s institutes of Al-Jam`iyyah Ash-Shar`iyyah at the Egyptian Ministry of Endowment and has accustomed himself the practice of delivering public sermons since 1980.


– October 6, 2008 with 9 others pending investigations in what was known as “Organization of the satellite channels.

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-Name: Mohamed Elewa

-Date of Birth: 1955

-Academic credentials:

– Facility of Medicine, Cairo University and received the Ph.D. degree in the urinary passages.

– Head of Urology department in Bolaq el-Dakrour Hospital

-Social Status: Married


– Marwa, A graduate of Faculty of Pharmacy,

-Yaser, Faculty Computing and Information Systems,

-Somaya Student at Faculty of Mass Communication

-Alaa high school student.


– arrested and referred to the Military Court in the famous MB case in1995 where he was unjustly sentenced to three years in prison.

– rearrested and referred to the Military tribunal again in the renewed case of trade unions and was acquitted by the Court after spending 13 months in prison.

– re-arrested in March 2005 during the period of the amendment of Article 76 of the Constitution and remained in detention for three months.

– detained in March 13, 2009 as he was among the group who was arrested with Dr. Mohamed Ghozlan and was released due to his deteriorating health at the time.

– re-arrested in 2009 in the case of the alleged “international network of the Muslim Brotherhood” where he was released last November.


-Name: Mohamed Abdul Ghani

-Date of Birth: May 25, 1952

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Six

-Academic Credentials:

– Bachelor of Medicine, Zagazig University, Department of Ophthalmology in 1978.

– Ophthalmology Professor, Zagazig General Hospital where he was elected as a Head of Zagazig’s Local Council in 1992.


– Arrested 8 times by military court orders in 1987, 95, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and recently in 2010.

-Name: Waleed Shalaby

-Date of Birth: 1/1/1964.

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children:

-Amr college student,

Fatima, 14 years, third preparatory grade,

Asmaa, 10 years, fifth grader

Khaled, 6 years of age.


– English teacher in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in 1988-2002

-worked in Saudi’s Ministry of Public Works in 2002-2005.

Da’wa or missionary work section in Ikhwanonline since 2006. He wrote many intellectual and religious books.


-arrested twice in 2007

-rearrested at the renowned case known in the media as “the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood” where he was acquitted by the Court.

Name: Ali Abdul Rahman

-Date of Birth: January 26, 1953

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Three

-Maha, Faculty of Literature

-Ahmed, Faculty of Engineering

-Mustafa, Faculty of Engineering


Professor at the faculty of engineering, Assiut University.

– He received Ph.D. from Tokyo University, Japan and currently working as consultant working as specialist consultant in Irrigation and Hydraulic engineering in many companies.

– He served as Secretary-General of the Engineers Syndicate in Assiut till the receivership on their syndicate.


Arrested in the case known to the media “as “Trade unionists and was released after spending 14-months in prison

-Name: Khalaf Thabet Haridi

-Date of Birth: 1953

-Social Status:


Directorate of Education participates in the missionary activities and a prominent preacher.

– He plays a prominent role in charity and social solidarity in his hometown and one of the first Muslim Brotherhood’s members who stand for Assiut’s municipal elections.


arrested 7 times most recent last year during the local elections.

Name: Mosaad Ali Sayed Ali Qutb

-Social Status: Married

-Academic credentials:

He is an Engineer and owner of medical equipment company.

– He is married and has 4 children: Khaled, student at the Faculty of Engineering, Asmaa, student at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Mass Communication, Hind, third grader of secondary school and Amr, elementary school pupil.

– He was arrested more than once, most recently at the renowned case known in the media as “the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood” where he was acquitted by the Court.

-Name: Ihab Ibrahim

-Date of birth: February 25, 1968

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Four

Asim, a second-grade student of secondary school,

Amr 1st grade-student of secondary school,

Hagar, fifth grade-student of primary school

Ibrahim first-grade student of elementary school.

-Academic Credentials:

– Professor of Urology, Hospitals of Medicine, Zagazig University.

Bachelor of medicine and surgery degree from Zagazig University in 1991, master’s degree in the urinary and then PH.D. In 2003.


-detained in the last year of his studies at the Faculty of Medicine

-rearrested in 1995 for two months.


-Name: Ibrahim El-Sayed

– Qualifications:

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Department, Alexandria University.

– Career:

Director of Alexandria Petroleum Company (APC).

– Marital Status: He is married and has 4 children (3 boys and a girl).

– A member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Alexandria.

– He was arrested 11 times on different cases including defending Gaza, local council and Chamber of Commerce elections.

-Name: Mustafa Ahmed al-Sharbatly

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Three

– Qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Arab Language.

– Career:

Furniture Dealer.

– A member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Alexandria.


– arrested 6 times on different issues including defending the Palestinian Cause.

– A Member of the Board of Directors of Fajr Al-Islam Charity.

– A Member of the Board of Directors of As-Al-Islam Charity


-Name: Dr. Mohamed El-Dessouki

-Date of birth: 27/1/1958, Talkha City, Daqahleya.

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Four

-Academic credentials:

– He received a bachelor of medicine and surgery degrees from Mansoura University in 1981.

– He obtained Master of Chest and Heart Diseases in 1985, and Ph.D. in 1990.

– Currently he is a Professor and Head of Chest Diseases, Mansoura University Hospital.

– He wrote many pamphlets and books in literature.


– arrested on Kefaya’s reform initiative in 2005 for two months.

-Name: Eng. Ahmed Abdel-Atty

-Date of birth: 1965.

-Social Status: Married

-Number of children: Two

-Amr, Secondary school

-Israa, Primary school

-Academic credentials:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in 1987.

– Occupation:

Free-lance civil engineer.


Arrested twice for several months in April 2008 and August 2009.