Ruqub: Bush’s threats hollow and do not frighten Hamas

Ruqub: Bush’s threats hollow and do not frighten Hamas

Hammad Al-Ruqub, a Hamas spokesman, stated Monday that the Arab peoples in the region stand strongly by the Movement, adding that the threats of US president George Bush are hollow and do not frighten the Movement or force it to waive the Palestinian rights and constants.

In a press statement received by the PIC, Ruqub said that the American policy had not stopped for one minute to support the injustice in the world either its support for the Nazi Israeli occupation or its destruction of other peoples in the region, pointing out that Bush”s two terms of office were the most vicious in terms of the atrocities committed.  

The spokesman underscored that the American administration has no right to talk about peace because it supplies the Israeli occupation with different kinds of fatal and internationally-prohibited weapons in order to use them to blow up the bodies of children and civilians, and to destroy their homes and lives.

The spokesman also underlined that the Palestinian people cannot be fooled by the Zio-American policies and will remain adherent to the Palestinian resistance and believing in its ability to restore their usurped rights and freedom.

For its part, the organization of the Islamic conference appealed to the Islamic counties and peoples to continue to provide all kinds of support to the Palestinian people in order to enable them to restore their national rights especially the right of return and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The organization stated that the Palestinian people suffered during the sixty years of the Nakba from pains of exile and displacement and since the occurrence of this calamity, the international community stood helpless and could not implement one decision supporting Palestinian rights that was passed by the security council or the general assembly.