Saad Eddin Ibrahim: MB Is Organized But Not Most Popular

Saad Eddin Ibrahim: MB Is Organized But Not Most Popular

Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Chairman of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Democratic Studies, described the Muslim Brotherhood as the most powerful and most organized group prepared to enter in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

According to Ibrahim  the group although prepared may not be the most popular out on the street highlighting however that it was entitled just like any other political faction to have its chance at the polls.

Speaking on Monday, during a symposium on the "Drafted Law of the People’s Assembly" held by the Egyptian Democratic Institute he stressed that during Mubaraks reign the group had witnessed much oppression in the form of clampdowns in attempts to stem its activities and exclude it from the political arena. He stated that it was high time the people’s will be valued maintaining that if the MB was elected to represent it than it must be respected

He denounced the exclusions at the hands of the former regime, claiming no political trend regardless of ideology deserved to be sidelined and repressed. He welcomed the emergence of new political trends stating that if other political factions formed a coalition it may be a challenge for the MB and the polls would be the decisive factor.

He said that the MB had faced much political challenges and injustices during the last three decades and continued to stand undeterred adding it was entitled to be part of the political arena if it was chosen.