Saad Emarah arrested again

Saad Emarah arrested again

 After being released in April 10th, State Security Prosecution has passed a decision of arresting Saad Emarah; spokesperson of Muslim Brotherhood in Damietta and founder of the Committee of Coordination between Political Parties and Forces in Damietta including Tajamu, Wafd, Nasserites, and Ahraar parties.

Saad- a physician and head of political coordinator of MB in Damietta- has gone on a hunger strike last Friday due to being assaulted by Officer Mohamed Rashaad Abu-Zeid.

Saad who was moved to An-Nattron Valley prison is the founder of the Popular Committee for Supporting the Palestinians that contributed with more than 13 relief convoys for the Palestinians.

Muaz Saad Emarah stressed to Ikhwanweb that the regime wants to oust his father to curtail his role in communication and dialogue between different political parties and forces in Damietta ; because the government wants to end any probable rapprochement between political opposition in Egypt .

He also stressed that his father will go on strike till they execute the prosecution”s decision; however he is in good heath.