Saadi starts her 9th year in IOA jails

Saadi starts her 9th year in IOA jails

The higher national committee for the support of prisoners has said that Qahera Al-Saadi, 34, had started her 9th year in Israeli occupation authority (IOA) jails on Saturday.

Riyadh Al-Ashqar, the committee’s spokesman, said in a press release that Saadi was detained since 8/5/2002 and was sentenced to three life sentences in addition to 30 years.

Saadi, affiliated with Islamic Jihad movement, was charged with helping a human bomber to enter Israel and carry out his human bombing operation.

Saadi is the father of four children, two of whom are forbidden from visiting her at the pretext they were adults while in fact they did not exceed 15 years of age. Her three brothers are also barred from visiting her.

Ashqar recalled that Saadi was severely beaten and insulted after her detention and was taken to Maskobeh detention center where she was tortured in cruel interrogation rounds for three months. She was held in cells under the ground for nine days before being transferred to Talmund jail for women.

Saadi is one of five Palestinian women serving life sentences while 33 other Palestinian women are held in IOA jails.