Saif denied right to travel & Yekiti leading member arrested

Riyadh Seif Refused Travel for Medication

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from the statement issued by Riyadh Seif (former Member of Parliament and a “Damascus Spring” detainee), that the Syrian Authorities are delaying and putting off granting him permission to travel. Riyadh Seif requires travel visa in order to receive medication from advanced Prostat Cancer and heart problems he is suffering from, which aren”t available in Syria.

SHRC would like to take this opportunity to remind the Syrian Authorities that the Syrian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees the freedom to travel without  restrictions. In the case of travelling for medication, freedom for travel is even more important and should immediately be made as easy as possible. Therefore, SHRC considers the delayed actions of the Syrian Authorities as taking revenge upon Mr. Riyadh Seif by taking advantage of his ill health. These actions are not the actions of a government that cares about its citizens.

SHRC urgently calls upon all those concerned to press the Syrian Authorities to give Mr. Riyadh Seif permission to travel for medication, and hold them responsible for any development in the cancer and further suffering that is caused by their consistent refusal to allow him to travel.

 Syrian Human Rights Committee



Arrest of Leading Member of Kurdish Yekiti Party

The Syrian Intelligence Services arrested Mr. Ma”rouf Mulla Ahmed, a leading member of the Syrian Kurdish Yekiti Party at the Syrian-Lebanese border on the 12/8/2007. No information is available as to who arrested him, reasons for his arrest and his place of detention.

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) condemns all forms of arbitrary and repressive arrests, considering their practice contradictory to the text and soul of the Syrian Constitution and other international human rights conventions that Syria has signed; and calls for the immediate release of Mr. Ma”rouf Mulla Ahmed in addition to all prisoners of conscience and to put an immediate end to arbitrary arrests.

Syrian Human Rights Committee