Sakka: IOF experimenting new American weapons against Palestinians

Palestinian medical teams have affirmed that the IOF troops were experimenting previously unknown American weapons in their ongoing incursion in Beit Hanun, north of the Gaza Strip, that left around 50 Palestinians killed and more than 220 others wounded.

Dr. Juma Al-Sakka, the public relations manager in the Shifa hospital in Gaza city, said that the IOF shells were inflicting un-repairable damage in human bodies, increasing the number of martyrs and leaving the wounded with no hope of healing.

Palestinian medical teams managed to obtain parts of those weapons on which the following phrase in English language was inscribed: “experimental weapons, made in the USA”, he underlined.

The medical official affirmed that the components of those weapons included internationally-prohibited incendiary material that inflicts fourth-degree burns on the human body that leads to death or leaves traces that could never be treated.

He elaborated that shrapnel of those shells penetrate the human body and could not be seen in x-rays, which made Palestinian doctors unable to diagnose the injuries.

Those remarks are only preliminary and probably other destructive impacts would be discovered in future, Sakka said, calling on the concerned international parties to investigate the use of those weapons.