Sakka: World responsible for Gaza’s humanitarian disaster

Sakka: World responsible for Gaza’s humanitarian disaster

 GAZA, — Wael Al-Sakka, the board chairman of the Arab, international authority to reconstruct Gaza Strip, has said that the world community that announced the human rights doctrines was itself breaking those rules, Gaza Strip a clear proof.

Sakka in a televised interview on Tuesday night said that an American veto was blocking an end to the Gaza siege.

He said that the catastrophic conditions in Gaza are being viewed by the entire world and with the approval of the Arab regimes, which shoulder the biggest part of the responsibility.

He said that the Palestinian people in Gaza are in shortage of all basic materials, warning that they also suffer from loss of infrastructure and collapsed economy.

Sakka asked the civil institutions worldwide to organize events that would display the world’s failure in dealing with the Israeli blockade on the Strip.

Meanwhile, three Palestinians were injured when an unknown explosive object blasted near them in Nusseirat in central Gaza.

Medical sources told the PIC reporter that ambulance teams rushed to evacuate the casualties, adding that two of them were in critical condition after their limbs were severed in the explosion while the third sustained moderate injuries.

A member of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, was also reportedly killed during a “Jihad mission”, the armed wing said.

Local sources said that Mohammed Abu Hashem, 23, was killed in an explosion at a Qassam training camp while another was wounded.