Salafis vs the Ikhwan in Egypt, Playing With Fire?

The believer does not get bitted twice from the same snake hole An Original Prophetic Quote of Prophet Mohammed “PBUH”.

History Repeats itself.

Learn From your mistakes and others” mistakes.
These are just few of the famous quotes of how a person should not repeat the same mistake . The smart respectable person not the stupid person.

And the people who are heading our Egyptian regime unfortunately can”t be considered as smart or wise because they are constantly repeating the same mistakes of previous regimes of Nasser,Sadat and even the Monarchy era.

The Mubarak regime foolishly is repeating what Sadat regime paid its price heavily with the assassination of its president himself. The Sadat regime played one hell of a game in a time different than ours still it paid the price so so heavily again.

Again they are playing the parties and political currents games. They are now supporting the Salafi religious trend against the Muslim Brotherhood. Just like Now the Sadat regime in 1970s used the MB to hit back the communists and socialists in Egypt.

There is a religious comeback in Egypt nowadays added to it that the Egyptian people are originally religious whether Muslims or Christians;and the regime does not like the fact that the MB despite all the harassment won in the parliament elections . All what the regime is doing and has done against the MB seems to in vain , I mean they sent them to prison , they took their money to cut their funding resources ,still it did not kill the famous group. Already as I said if this is a wise regime ,it would have known that this group has survived the Nasserite era , which was already worse than this era in freedom of expressions thousand times.
And so some brainy wise ass general in the interior ministry thought that it would be better to create or help another powerful trend to compete with the MB , still this powerful trend should be peaceful to the regime . Forget about the Leftists and liberals,already the regime wants to get rid from them too.

They found what they want in the Salafi religious groups. Salafi means following the ancestors “Salafi” and here it is referred to our ancestors from old Muslims , the problem in these groups that our old Muslims were much more open minded and advanced then them.It is enough to know that those guys hate  Amr Khaled and Similar Sheikhs. They are radical just like the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia.

Just like the Wahabis they are a good opportunity to the regime because they are loyal to the ruler even if he is unjust who kills and steals other Muslims . They are also hate other Muslims” Sects , during the Lebanon July 2006 war ,they prayed against Hezbollah. They do not consider Israel anymore as enemy not because of the Peace agreement but because in the end of days we are going to liberate Jerusalem , so why we need to fight or stand against the Israeli aggression on the other Arab people,it is the Shiites whom we should stand against.

Of course this is so appealing to the regime at least for now.
The regime let loose to the Salafis , giving the freedom to have satellite channels like El-Nas ,which became one of the top channels for the popular classes. El-Nas and its preachers are just like Evangelists Channel and preachers , seriously the same way and technique from screaming , speaking about Hell and punishment. 

They gave them the freedom to control certain mosques in certain areas; which are considered originally as MB areas and Zones.
I forgot to tell you that they hate the MB just like Amr Khaled just like the Shiites.

Now I think you got  a picture of why the Regime is playing with the fire again and will get burned again. Creating a monster to destroy another monster just like my aunt described it.

These guys in my opinion are too dangerous , seriously dangerous. They understand Islam in wrong way , seriously wrong way.
Islam is the religion of moderation , where as they are radical,too radical.
It is not in the sake of Egypt , in fact I fear that with all what we suffer ; we find ourselves in front of another wave of violence based on misconception of religion.

People are in despair in Egypt , they can”t find any other solutions except to commit suicide or risk their lives to get drowned in the sea or just wait till explode. They take religion as a shelter but the problem they need someone to help them understand well their religion, our education system only teaches people how to read and write only . Unfortunately also people can”t trust anymore the official Al-Azhar Sheikhs.

By the way Al Dostor Weekly made a special file on what I said and they are saying what I am saying here in more elaboration. I wanted to speak about this topic for long time ,ever since I read about the opinions of the Salafis regarding the Lebanese war.

I believe that this Salafi wave is just another example of how radical the Egyptian society has became.