Salafist Party, Al-Nour (Light): We welcome dialogue with all forces in Egypt

Salafist Party, Al-Nour (Light): We welcome dialogue with all forces in Egypt

A few hours after the decision of the Commission of Political Parties to accept the papers of incorporation for Al-Nour Party, the Salafist party leadership expressed its full readiness to engage in talks and dialogue with all forces throughout the political spectrum in Egypt; Islamic and non-Islamic alike, as well as all those who seek to achieve the interests of the country and support its security and integrity.

In an exclusive statement, the party’s media spokesman, Dr. Mohamed Yousry, said that the number of party candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and the party’s degree of participation, had not yet been set, indicating that the party is still in the process of incorporation, forming committees and preparing its branches in different governorates.

On the other hand, the "Supreme Committee" of the party issued an official statement saying that "Al-Nour" is a party for all Egyptians, and it welcomes people from all groups and strata of the nation "to carry the banner of renaissance and to spearhead the reform process in all areas."

The Supreme Committee of the party called on the media to "show the facts, and to publish and publicize the correct information, with more credibility, honesty, impartiality and fairness." The Supreme Committee of the party also welcomed the decision of the Committee of Political Parties to accept the constituent documents of the party. The Committee said they had received the news with "a mixture of satisfaction and happiness," and said they praise Allah for success in the "completion of this big step."

The party expressed the founders’ thanks to the masses "who have placed their confidence in us, and burdened us with this great trust," and to all members of the Egyptian public "who embraced us with their love, and gave us their interest and support in all our steps throughout our beloved country."

The party leaders said, "We commit ourselves before Allah Almighty, and before our great people, that we must exert every effort for the advancement of our country and serving our nation, and to restore Egypt’s position in the world."