Saleh: Hamas assumed power in democratic elections, should be supported

Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh has affirmed that the Hamas Movement was not a “terrorist organization” but rather represented a legitimate anti-occupation resistance that should be backed.

He said in press statements that the Hamas-led PA government was the target of an “oppressive siege” spearheaded by the US administration, which claims championing democracy.

“We support our brothers in Hamas and in the PLO in resisting Israeli occupation,” Saleh emphasized, asserting, “resisting occupation is legitimate and Hamas is not a terrorist organization”.

He said that all should respect the right of occupied peoples to resist occupation and not describe such practice as “terrorism”, adding, “Cards should not be mixed up”.

The Yemeni president, who was re-elected to rule his country for another seven years a couple of days ago, said the world community should respect the will of the peoples.

He also declared his country’s support for the Lebanese Hizbullah party because it resisted Israeli invasion of south Lebanon.