Saleh Slams NDP Leader’s Statements About MB

Saleh Slams NDP Leader’s Statements About MB

MB Parliamentary Bloc Secretary General Sobhi Saleh called on the ruling regime to end its political crimes, bullying, electoral fraud, and for once to practice “respectful” political activity.

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Saleh described the ruling regime, which had launched a fierce attack on the MB in its annual conference, as “broke” and surviving on “corruption and bullying.”

In response to NDP leader Ahmed Ezz”s statement in which he explained that the 88 parliament seats seized by the MB was due to an “NDP organizational error,” Saleh  asked, “Are people”s election of the MB and fierce defense for them in most of the districts all an “organizational error” on the part of the ruling regime?  Were the people that left Ahmed Ezz and his partners the real reason behind our success?” pointing out that those who had left the party were the ones who concealed its defeat.

“If the solution to this error were what  Ahmed Ezz had said in his speech, then why was there 100% electoral fraud in the municipal and Shura elections?,” Saleh added.

Regarding what is being said on the regime”s backstage concerning the propagation of the list system to gain control over MB wealth in the next elections, Saleh emphasized that the MB had run for the “87 elections based on the same system winning 37 seats remarking, “Whether by list, individually, or through people, the MB is coming in future elections.”

It is mentioned that Ezz had said, “We have sworn to respect the constitution and law which prohibit political activity on a religious basis. Therefore, we don’t want to be competing against illegal organizations.  Neither will we recognize an outlawed movement that practices political activity on a religious basis.”

“These organizations are not found on the Egyptian streets, hence their entrance to the parliament was an organizational error on the part of the NDP,” Ezz said explaining that if it weren’t for some of the NDP members who disobeyed the party’s instructions by running independently against other selected candidates, 70 MB MPs from the 88 wouldn’t have won.  “Moreover, if re-elections had been held, only some, not all of them would have won,” Ezz claimed.

In a press conference on the margins of the 5th annual NDP conference’s meetings yesterday, Ezz affirmed that the organizational error had been corrected on the party”s part.  Ezz further expressed more respect towards the idea of equality between the party’s members and their promotion based on internal elections according to nominations based on the selections of electoral caucuses in an effort to promote party belongingness and consolidation.

Other sources pointed out that Azmy and Shehab are propagating the list system to gain control over MB wealth in the next elections and deprive it from winning any seats, contrary to what they had achieved in the last elections based on the individual system, through which they were able to win 88 parliament seats.