Saoasia Condemns Moktar Detention

Saoasia Condemns Moktar’s Detention
Ikhwan online

By Yasser Hady

Saoasia (equals in Arabic) Center for Human Right denounced the detention of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Nasser City district, Essam Moktar, whose candidacy is legally documented. It is regarded as a violation of his right to have election propaganda without governmental intervention. 


The report of the Center, of which ikhwanonline received a copy, said tat this incident is not encouraging for just parliamentary election, which is desired to be characterized by freedom and equal rights to all candidates.  


The Center demanded an immediate investigation for Moktar’s detention in order to resort the confidence in fair election process, whose first phase due to be on Nov.9th. The center also urged that such incident not to be repeated to avert contraventions of the nominees’ rights.