Save the children: 100,000 people in Gaza are homeless

Save the children: 100,000 people in Gaza are homeless

The British organization “Save the Children” reported that there are still at least 100,000 homeless people including up to 56,000 children in the post war Gaza Strip and many of them live either in tents or are crowded into remaining homes with other families.

Save the children estimated that around 500,000 people including 280,000 children had been forced to leave their homes in some stage of the Israeli war on Gaza.

The organization added that tent cities sprung up in several bombed neighborhoods and the residents of these tents do not have access to clean drinking water or lavatories.

Chief executive of save the children Jasmine Whitbread said from Gaza that the tents are small and offer no protection from the low temperatures at night that can reach less than 7-8 degrees Celsius, adding that up to 40 families in some camps have to share only one or two toilets between them which poses obvious health risks.

For its part, the UNRWA said that it distributed food aid and other vital needs to thousands of Palestinians in Gaza who were affected by the war in addition to the regular food aid received by 900,000 refugees in the Strip.