Save The Libyans From the Savage Dictator

Save The Libyans From the Savage Dictator

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information  today said that news coming from Libya reveal that the number of victims of protests demanding democracy in Benghazi alone  has reached  about 200 dead and 800 injured so far  amounting to 1000 Libyan martyrs killed by the savage criminal dictator .

It is difficult to access information on the  Libyan revolution calling for  deposing the dictator Muammar Gaddafi and his regime  seizing  power for more than 41 years, particularly after  the Libyan government completely cut off Internet services all over the country fully since Saturday, February 19th , 2011 .

In Bahrain, The Arabic Network confirmed the  continued protests, which began on February 14th , 2011  claiming freedoms and democracy. Protesters were able to return to Pearl Roundabout and forced security to clear it . They reset up their tents  two days after the Bahraini army broke up their first  sit in using excessive force . The army opened fire on them leaving deaths and injuries.

In Yemen, which witnessed widespread protests demanding the overthrow of the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, clashes have occurred  between security and supporters of the government on one side and pro-democracy Yemenis on the other side. High death toll has been reported in the last few days  in Aden ; amounting more than 10 after a young man was shot dead by Yemeni security on Saturday. In parallel supporters of the  Yemeni government  killed  a protester and wounded 7 others while trying to break up protests that gripped the city in the day following  killing 5 demonstrators in the same city.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information severely condemns the  repression of the right of demonstrators to freedom of expression and declares  participation with Internet activists and bloggers in demonstrations of solidarity tomorrow, Monday, February 21st , 2011 at 3:00 pm , starting from Bahrain Embassy in Zamalek then to  the Embassy of Libya. At 5 pm the marchers will have reached the Embassy of Yemen.

The Arabic Network urges Egyptians  to participate in the demonstration in support of the right of the Arab peoples in democracy, which  rulers and kings are wasting a rule under  iron and fire.

Event: demonstrations of solidarity in front of the embassies of Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

Time: 3:00 pm in front of the Embassy of Bahrain and then to Libya’s  and at 5:00  pm in front of the Embassy of Yemen.

Embassy of Bahrain : Brazil Street Zamalek.
Embassy of Libya :  Saleh Ayoub St. Off 26 July Street, Zamalek
Embassy of Yemen: Amin elRifai Street , Dokki.