Sawaseya demands action be taken to restore Muslim’s rights abroad.

Sawaseya demands action be taken to restore Muslim’s rights abroad.

The Sawasya Centre for human rights and anti-discrimination has condemned actions taken by a judge in Spain where he ordered a Muslim lawyer to leave the courtroom after she refused to remove her veil while attending a session. The Muslim lawyer has been working for some time and the request was seen as a violation of freedom of religion and expression. Sawaseya has stressed that the passive attitude of Arab and Muslim leaders to the discrimination practiced on their expatriate is the reason behind the increasing wave of prejudice towards Muslims.



In a statement to the Moroccan government, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, the organization called on the Arab and Islamic governments to urge their counterparts in European countries to respect the rights of Muslims living abroad. This was under the pretext of attempts made to avoid a new wave of violence to take place in Europe.

The center emphasized that “It seems there is an unprecedented increase in the misconduct and disgraceful acts in most western European countries in the recent years. It appears that it follows a systematic process where the European authorities are not interested in ending the injustice and aggression against Muslim citizens living in Europe. The centre warned that it is imperative that the reasons of disparity that may lead to further violence and chaos between Muslims and non-Muslims in these communities be removed.

It also called on the Spanish government to act promptly towards restoring the Muslim lawyer her rights to return to work and perform her duties without discrimination and harassment which is the simplest human rights guaranteed by the constitution. It also urged  the European and Spanish media to launch a campaign against any official who abuses his powers and violates the most basic human rights describing it as a criminal conduct which surpasses those of international human rights conventions signed by EU leaders.

The center believes that Judge Javier Gomez Bermudez’s policy is reflective of the arbitrary abuse of power where Zoubeida Barik Edidi, who has been a practicing lawyer, has already participated in several trials in Spain without having to lift her veil.