Sawaseya Deplores Detention of Professors & Students

Egyptian Center for Human Rights and Prevention of Discrimination “Sawaseya”, released a statement expressing its full solidarity with the March 9th Movement for the independence of the Egyptian universities and the rejection of interference of the security agencies in the university affairs, when their role should be restricted to guarding universities facilities.

The March 9 Movement had earlier released a statement undersigned by forty 40 professors from 8 different universities across the country protesting the assault of security personnels in Helwan University on an engineering student, 

Egyptian universities routinely witness harassments by security agencies which interfere in the universities’ activities including admitting or rejecting students, holding rallies, appointing staff members, and the travel of teaching staff, in addition to meddling with the Student Union activities.

Sawaseya reiterates its call for a swift release of the detained professors and students, and putting an end to investigating students based on their political affiliations or university activities.

It also demands that the security agencies and the administrative quarters lift their hands off the teaching staff clubs and allow them to hold their elections, which have been suspended for over two years.