Sawasia Keeps an Eye on the 2005 Parliamentary Election

Sawasia Keeps an Eye on the 2005 Parliamentary Election
The First local report
Coincide with the beginning of running for 2005 parliamentary election, Sawasia (equals in Arabic) Center for Human Right and Anti-discrimination received an account of the process of running for the election, in numerous Egyptian governorates.



The riot police dispersed candidates. Most of them, with exception of the candidates of the National Democratic Party, did not manage to present their papers due to heavy crowdedness. The excessive presence of police, around the headquarters of the Security Department, was very obvious. This created traffic congestion, as a result.



The location appointed to receive election applications was not human. Many candidates were obliged to wait outside. In addition, all candidates and their agents were trapped into an iron-fenced place that was surrounded by police. Although the governorate consists of 14 electoral circles, one employ was entitled to receive applications. To mange to deliver their applications, some candidates had to enter through the only window of the room. The absence of the NDP candidates was noticeable for they have filled their applications, one day before, and retained the favorite election symbols. 


Qalubiya Governorate:

Due to excessive crowdedness, some candidates, out of 150, were successful in filling their applications. A surprise sprung when the Security Department announced that the election symbols will be chosen only after the end of submitting the applications though the NDP candidates have chosen their symbols early in the morning. Moreover, the responsible judge left at 10:30 to a secret place where he receives the files of applicants.


Daqahya Governorate:

Candidates that gathered to deliver their applications were driven to a theater that locates across the Security Department. Few candidates were selected to deliver their applications. It was remarkable that the first and favorite symbols were retained for the NDP candidates. Furthermore, the employ refused to give the applicants any receipts, but because of pressure he waived.


Alexandra Governorates:

The absence of NDP candidates, who have selected the famous symbols, was observable.


Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate:

Three windows were located to receive the applications of candidates of 9 electoral candidates. Moreover, applicants were not given any receipts. 


Behara Governorate:

Most candidates were not able to deliver their applications. Therefore, the election committee recorded their names. However, many of them did not find their names in the list, among them Gamel Heshmat, a parliament member.


The governorates of Garbiya, Monofiya, Damiata, Sharqiya, Smaliya, Port Said, Suisse, Asuat, Sohag, and Aswan witnessed no unordinary proceedings in the process of running for the election. But disorganization was a striking feature.   


 *The center will provide further accounts of the election process.


13th S Ramadan 1426 H

16th Oct. 2005