Sawasya: demands respect for freedom and the judiciary.

Sawasya: demands respect for freedom and the  judiciary.

Sawasya Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination called for a constitutional amendment which would allow the freedom to develop political parties, trade unions, associations and all forms of peaceful and civil organizations. The center also called for measures to be taken to ensure legal and political guarantees in an attempt aimed to protect members of the trade and labour unions.

Ikhwanweb posted a copy of the statement from the Centre which stressed on International Day of Democracy the need for the abolition of special courts, the immediate release of all political prisoners tried before military courts and respect for court rulings on the release of political detainees, along with demands not to thwart the recommendations in any way.

Sawasya Center appealed to all entities and organizations to act promptly towards the state of emergency topic which has been facilitating serious human rights in Egypt for many years, stressing that the emergency law should only be applicable in the case of the country being threatened and in imminent danger. The Centre added that limiting the government leader’s power would make it necessary for him to be accountable and succumb to judiciary supervision, adding that nobody would then be above the law where freedom of speech and the respect of the constitution should be for one and all.