Sawasya: Increased discrimination against USA’s Muslim Systematic

Sawasya: Increased discrimination against USA’s Muslim Systematic


The Sawasya Centre for human rights and anti-discrimination in a recent study stressed that racial discriminations against U.S. Muslims are rising.  Hardly a day passes without news reported by news agencies regarding new and explicit abuse and verbal harassment against both female and male muslim. Harassments are committed by official American institutions and by the people who are under the influence of the extreme right-wing.



In a statement, of which Ikhwanweb received a copy, the center denounced incidents which took place in a mosque near Dearborn, Michigan where Muslims found a message in a copy of the Holy Qur’an describing Islam as a disease and Muslims as a pandemic virus. The note called for the expulsion of Muslims from the United States. Furthermore, an American school completely prevented Muslim students from performing prayers on any of the school’s premises, despite this being contrary to the provisions and rules of the US Constitution which provides for the protection of civilians from government abuses with regards to the free exercising of religious practices.



Recently, several cases of racial discrimination against Muslims in the United States took place including statements on the prominent US broadcaster Neal Boortz’s radio show, where he made reference to Islamic practices stating that “Muslims don’t eat during the day during Ramadan and eat at night,” they are “sort of like cockroaches. Boortz continued in his opposition and prejudice, discussing reports that a group of government-run hospitals in Scotland had instructed employees to eat away from their desks during Ramadan so as not to offend their fasting Muslim colleagues, believing such measures are Islamizing the West”.



The Center quoted the US evangelist Pat Robertson, the so-called “voice of Christian America”, on one of his recent TV series which is followed by millions of Americans and broadcast in many countries all over the world saying that “Islam is a violent religion, but not only a religion, it is a political system determined to overthrow the world’s governments and dominate the whole world.”



The Center emphasized that what has been happening in the United States and other European countries is contrary to all laws and international covenants on human rights, which emphasizes that “all human beingsare born equal in dignity and rights; where there should be no discrimination based on race, sex, color or religion.”



 “Unfair practices and systematic racism against Muslims is almost daily in the United States and must be stopped”. The centre called on the US and Arabic human rights centers and organizations to challenge the Western media’s criticisms, which allows TV Commentators to insult divine religions and followers of those religions. “This poses a grave threat to the country’s security and stability”, the center reported.



It also called on Al-Azhar and Islamic organizations all over the world to make an effort to enlighten the Western society on Islam and its ideologies and to promote understanding, prevent, combat and eradicate intolerance between peoples and societies of all races from different cultures emphasizing that this is a creative and central role which will strengthen ties between countries and communities.