Sawasya Condemns Violation of Freedoms At Al-Azhar University

Sawasya Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination received several complaints from students in Al-Azhar University via e-mail and telephone confirming the presence of security harassments of students to the extent of attacking one of the students and excluding of many students from the housing based in their political background.

Female students at the Faculty of Pharmacy are subject to intimidation by the campus guards especially during searching their purses and handbages. One of the student at the Faculty of Islamic Studies complained that the gaurds torn apart her bag and threw away its contents without justification.

The students took their complaints to the President of the University demanding an intervention, however, he responded by threatening them by assault and beating! which led to the students to stage a demostration at 10 o’clock denouncing the restrictions of student freedoms.

Swasia center renews the call to stop any exclusions or investigations conducted with the students due to their political affiliations or their university and calls for the prevention of the security services. both university or other security, intervention in the university and student activities and the cancellation of all procedures and forms for requesting the Security Council in resolutions and the university as well as the cancellation of the list of 79 and give a new list of the student activities will be the students themselves.