Sawiris: Article 2 of Constitution Guarantees National Unity

Sawiris: Article 2 of Constitution Guarantees National Unity

Eng.Nagib Sawiris,founder of ‘Free Egyptians party’ which is currently under construction, stressed that the party will include members of the NDP but not those who took part in spoiling the political life in Egypt.

Sawiris stressed that he wishes Article 2 of the Constitution would remain, because it is the greatest guarantee for national unity.

In the first founding conference in Souhaj which was attended by more than 3,000 citizens including Muslim leaders, Christians and all political powers, heanswered 200 questions, including one regarding whether he prefers the president to be a Muslim or a Christian, saying: “I think that he should be a Muslim with great wisdom and experience to gather all segments of the society under one banner, because we Muslims and Christians are one, we are Egypt.”

On his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, Sawiris stressed that he has a good relationship with them, but he does not prefer power to be with one group only.

At the end of the conference over 2000 memberships were made in the party and over 200 powers of attorney were competed.

Sawiris and his friends headed to Luxour and Aswan to hold a conference there.