Sayyed: Security coordination with IOA a disaster

Sayyed: Security coordination with IOA a disaster

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, Abbas Al-Sayyed, one of the Hamas leaders detained in Israeli occupation authority (IOA) jails, has described the security coordination between the IOA and the PA in Ramallah as a “disaster” that should come to an immediate end.

Sayyed, who is serving 35 life sentences, said in a press release on Thursday that such a situation was not normal and the Palestinians would soon return to struggle against the occupation to win their freedom.

For his part, Hamas MP Abdul Rahman Zeidan said that Mahmoud Abbas’s militias’ kidnap of Palestinians liberated from Israeli jails was “a national shame, and a betrayal of the prisoners’ issue other than being a service to occupation”.

He denounced in a statement on Thursday the continued detention of those ex-prisoners at a time when the IOA was escalating repression of Palestinian prisoners in its jails.

Meanwhile, Abbas’s militias continued their arrest campaign in line of Hamas supporters, and detained nine of them in the districts of Qalqilia, Tulkarem and Nablus.

Local sources on Thursday said those militias kidnapped four university students in Nablus district and an ex-detainee, who was released from IOA jails only three days earlier, along with others.