• Lebanon
  • August 17, 2006
  • 21 minutes read

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Addresses the People after the End of War

The Secretary-General of Hizbullah, his eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Addresses the People after the End of War
May Allah protect us from cursed Satan. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praises be to the Lord of all mankind. May peace and praises of Allah be upon our master and prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Mohammad the Son of Abdullah, and his infallible and noble household, faithful followers and all prophets and messengers.
May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon all of you;
On this great and magnificent day, during which our noble and good-hearted people return to their homes and neighborhoods, I wish to address you with this message, and I wish in this message to focus on some of the issues and matters.
First: What we are encountering at present, which I do not want to evaluate or explain in a detailed form, but instead I can briefly say that we are encountering a historic and strategic victory. I am not being hyperbolic. This victory belongs to Lebanon in its entirety, to the resistance, and to the nation in its entirety. What does this victory mean? What are its horizons, data and facts? I will leave the answer until the time when I will speak again in the near future because the speech regarding these issues should be addressed in the first degree to the martyrs who sacrificed enormously. These are the martyrs of the resistance among all the parties and honest resisting forces as well as the martyrs of the army, the security forces, the civil defense, media means, and all the civilian men, women and children who died, especially those of the massacres, beginning with Merwahin in the early days, and ending yesterday in Britail, Sfair and Roweiss area, the compound of Imam Hassan (p) in the southern suburb. The speech in this context is a speech on the resisting fighters, sacrifices, steadfastness, rigidity, people, families, beloved ones, friends, endurance, trust, tolerance, and partisans who took our side in and outside Lebanon throughout this war. I do not believe that I am capable or can express what is boiling inside my mind and emotions or even explain this issue while I am sitting on a chair facing the camera. Instead, the suitable place will be the imminent meeting with the people, with the beloved ones and mujahideen, to directly speak to them. Therefore, the issues that are tied to this subject will be left to that soon occasion, God willing. We will talk about this entire issue, about the prisoners, the agony of the remaining occupied land, the agony of Gaza and its people, Palestine, sacrifices, the victimization and the historic responsibility, and the historic juncture for the next stage.
The second issue about which I wish to speak is the case of the displaced people and their return to their homes with the stage that will follow this return. First of all, I wish to salute all those who expressed tolerance on the land of the battle. In fact, they tolerated that which was intolerable because the size of the bombardment from land, sea and air was unprecedented in Lebanon added to the size of the destruction that was caused by the Israeli enemy to the houses and infrastructure. But in particular, when the direct harm is inflicted upon the residencies, this means direct harm to the families which was also unprecedented and was never seen in any Israeli war on Lebanon. The enemy caused utter destruction and ruin, expressing its grudge, monstrosity, and disability. Therefore, in a few days it destroyed thousands of houses in the south, southern suburb, Bikaa, and other Lebanese areas. But there was a great focus on the southern areas and southern suburb. The enemy aim was of course hurting and punishing people for the stance, for their honor, for their self-esteem, commitment, faith, and humanity. Anyhow, we must also thank and salute those who were enduring during the period of displacement and immigration and return at present to their areas, hometowns, and houses, even if they are destroyed.
I especially thank all the residents and citizens of the areas that are home to all sects, political currents, state and its institutes, human associations, and all those who helped embracing our displaced citizens during the difficult period. Moreover, I address the returnees, the steadfast people, and those who are discussing the issue of their demolished or damaged houses. There are two kinds of building at this point. I will talk about the residential units and houses and other similar issues that are tied to the infrastructure, economic situation and other issues that were also inflicted with damage and ruin. However, I will postpone the issue of the infrastructure to a later stage because I believe that the urging case at present is that of the houses and residencies because they are the places that home the honor families.
With respect to the houses that were harmed or damaged but remain suitable for living, as of tomorrow morning, God willing, the brethren in the towns, villages and cities will take the initiative and start making contacts and tour the owners of the houses in order to offer direct and swift aid to begin the process of repairing the houses as soon as possible. With respect to the demolished houses issue, which is a more difficult case, I wish to confirm and reassure these noble families that they should have no worries. In other words, what I said in the early days of war was not merely words for you to maintain steadfastness. This is the day of loyalty pertaining to these words. With this promise, you, God willing, will not need to ask anyone, stand in a row or go anywhere. Our brethren who are your brothers and children throughout all the areas, towns and villages will be at your service. Also, as of tomorrow morning, we will cooperate together regarding this matter. We of course cannot wait the government’s employed procedures and mechanisms because they may require some time. Anyhow, the government’s achievement can also be observed over the next period. As of tomorrow, we can all synchronizingly cooperate and work together pertaining to two courses.
* The first course is by insuring an acceptable amount of money for each family that may help it rent a house for one year and buy furniture, appropriate and suitable furniture for this house. This is because the process of rebuilding the houses, residencies and buildings certainly requires months. Therefore, at this stage, it is nature for a man to rent a house and buy furniture for this house. This process begins tomorrow. In a few days, God willing, I can say that all these cases will be covered even if they were serious and difficult cases. Until this moment, the first estimate we have available regarding the houses that were completely destroyed exceeded 15 thousand residential units; and I realize that this is a serious issue. But God wiling, we have the willpower required for this work and this achievement.
* The second course pertains to the initiation in lifting the wreckage and start the building process. We hope that you and we will be able, God willing, within a few months, to build all these demolished houses; at this point the issue is an issue of volition. It is the volition, faith, endurance, tolerance, seriousness, planning, accuracy, and dedication through which we managed to challenge the enemy, maintain steadfastness and emerge triumphant with these same meanings, values, and emotions. We can encounter an ordeal and a test of rebuilding and win through it God willing.
In this context, I call on all the architectures to help since at this point money alone is not sufficient. Instead, we need solidarity, volunteers and the cooperation of the architectures, building merchants, building material merchants and furniture merchants. In other words, none of these people has the legal permission to raise the prices because of the increasing demand. Each person must act with responsibility, a patriotic responsibility. We need the direct efforts, the necessary labor required for this enormous size of building works. Sufficient labor may not be available because of the circumstances which the country experienced over the past few months. At this point, we must all volunteer and work with the owners of these houses in the process of rebuilding.
At this point, I call on the Lebanese youths to volunteer out of the same patriotic spirit that we witnessed during the stage of the challenge and embracement, where we saw the civil impulse, jealousy, fervor, love, and eagerness towards the people. In particular, I call on the youths of Hizbullah, our brethren in all the organizations, frameworks, mujahideen, the youths of the recruitment, the students, unionists, and free professionals. I call on all of them to head for the battlefield of building in each village, neighborhood and city. Let us set aside our personal considerations and give consideration to the necessities of this construction on the level of the simple and ordinary work which we can offer in contribution, and we must be prepared.
I believe if one brother or one person of the large numbers or the thousands of people spares several hours or one, two or several days, we will be able to present a great effort and save large amounts of money.
Anyhow, this is a great and enormous effort. In addition, we are accustomed to the generosity and support of the donors and immigrants worldwide. The chance is open ahead of them to participate and contribute because victory can only be completed through the process of rebuilding, especially the houses and residences. They need to restore their past condition or even be better so that these noble people can return to them. If it were not for their steadfastness this victory would have never taken place.
The last issue in this message of mine is tied to the issue of the controversy that began a few days ago regarding the resistance arms. I surely do not want to join this controversy, but I want to approach the issue in a responsible and cautious manner.
Brothers and sisters, during the fight, your beloved and precious ones, the resistance combatants were drawing heroic battles and making miracles, meanwhile, discussions were taking place inside closed rooms and through private channels regarding the picture of the situation that will be in the south, particularly south Litani area as well as the issue of the resistance and Lebanese army coupled with the issue of the border and the UNIFEL forces. Should this deployment take place, what will be of the location, position and arms of the resistance and how it will behave? These discussions were responsible, serious and dedicated. In fact, these discussions took place with our greater brother Speaker Nabih Beri who in fact represents a great patriotic guarantee. I hope from all those who started this case through the media to listen to him, hear his voice and examine his words when approaching this sensitive, serious and momentous issue.
Anyway, these discussions were taking place before and after the issuance of the UNSC resolution up until the time when the latest meeting of the Lebanese government took place. This issue was presented and discussed. We were surprised to learn that some ministers leaked this issue, the discussions and difference in the viewpoints, to some TV stations, local and Arab. The discussion began widening further and further. That which should have been discussed inside the closed rooms changed into an open discussion. This issue in my opinion does not hold any patriotic interest and is not convenient at all. Anyhow, I call again on those concerned to return this discussion back to its normal and responsible channels, and they are renowned. We preferred not to be engaged in this controversy because we think that it does not serve the national interest. Instead, it serves the enemy.
The enemy which has now begun internally sharp rivalry within the military institution between the military and political levels, between the government and the opposition between left and right, in the press and on the street, some people seem to want to involve Lebanon in contests that are not in the interests of Lebanon. I am here with all eagerness, love, tranquility and responsibility want to draw the attention of some of these gentlemen and political actors, who moved the debate to the level of media and the public, and I would like to draw their attention to some things regarding their mistake in this area.
First, the timing is wrong regarding the psychological and moral level. In other words, when the discussion, pertaining to the ceasefire or the so-called hostilities, began at this particular time it began when Lebanon was still being shelled with its infrastructure destroyed. It began when all the areas were being hit, all the Lebanese people were being hurt, particularly the citizens in the south, Bikaa, and southern suburb, the areas that had the greater share of this bombardment-knowing that these people represent a very large segment of the Lebanese people. I just want to draw the attention to the wrong psychological timing of the discussion that began when this large segment that has faith in the resistance like other Lebanese people as well as adhere to the resistance arms, feel proud of the resistance and offer great sacrifices. It began when almost one million people migrated from their homes because they were receiving bombardment, and I said earlier that the estimated number until now exceeded 15 thousand residential units. It began when most of the martyrs were from the civilians and when the massacres took place in the south, Bikaa and southern suburb. It began when you watched these families on TV screens immigrating knowing that most of them are old men, women and children, whereas those who remained behind at the front were young men who fought with dignity, courage, steadfastness and were making a true miracle rendering the Israeli enemy freeze before them in confusion, weakness, cowardice and defeatism without the ability to achieve any of its goals. At this psychological, emotional, difficult and momentous time, some people who were sitting behind their offices with the air conditioning on began talking with calm nerves to give their analysis to the people regarding the resistance arms and talked while employing their rough tone. They always say that we employ a rough tone when we speak, but instead, they are the ones who use this rough tone. For now, I will not involve myself discussing this subject of the rough tone. Their act is unethical, inappropriate and wrong irrespective of the correctness of the idea which they are or are not discussing. Do they think that this large segment of the people of the Lebanese community with those embracing them, believing in them, and supporting them are emotionless or senseless? Do they think that all these people, among whom there are political leaders of high level of awareness, are emotionless or senseless? What is this kind of behavior and act? Do they think that these people are nothing but stones or mere slaves?
When part of the political elite in Lebanon begins talking, others must hear and listen! This is wrong, this is very-very wrong.
We exerted tiring efforts to avoid any reactions in retaliation of these bad events. I call on the people and the resistance public, lovers and partisans to overlook what they heard or that which they might hear because the solidarity and unity in this country is the most precious thing that we must maintain. We tolerated the killing, destruction, demolish, wounds and displacement, hence, we can tolerate some of the harm that may surface from anyone in this field although I call on those to stop causing this harm, I call on them with caution, responsibility, and love that they must well absorb the present situation, the psychological, emotional and spiritual condition. They are not only speaking with people whose houses were destroyed and children were killed, because those people emerged triumphant in a battle where great Arab armies were defeated. Today, we emerged from the battle with our heads up while our enemy was defeated, knowing that this enemy will create investigation committees and, and, and… Hence, you are speaking with triumphant people, but there have been great sacrifices paid for this victory which Lebanon and the entire nation attained. This issue must be taken into consideration.
Second, regarding the content, it is strange when discussions take place on the position of the resistance and its arms south Litani. At present, no one, not even the enemy or the international community is demanding Lebanon to disarm the resistance. This issue has been placed in the framework of the far-sighted and permanent solution and so on. Unfortunately and regrettably, we are witnessing some voices which appeared to say that if the south area of the river was going to be a demilitarized zone, then what is the use of the arms in the north area of the river, and what is the use of the resistance arms in all Lebanon hence, let us find the initiative as from now in order to discuss this weapon in its entirety. They are not even asking to discuss it, they are asking to finish and conclude this issue.
This issue, our dear and precious ones, cannot be concluded this way and in this swiftness. I advise everyone not to employ provocation, intimidation, and pressuring for human and security reasons. We understand that among the most important goals of the US-Israeli recent war on Lebanon was the defusing, elimination and isolation of this weapon. I call on you as well to read and listen to what the enemy Foreign Minister has said, that not even the most powerful army in the world can disarm Hizbullah. Besides, this issue cannot be approached through provocation and intimidation. It was not solved through the destruction of houses, the killing of the women and children, and via the fiercest battle in the history of Lebanon. In this case, we need to be precise. The proposed issue for discussion at present is that of the situation in the area south the river. We discussed and continue to discuss this issue as part of the responsible and serious frameworks. Therefore, regarding the content, you are making a mistake and you are going further than that which the American and Israeli are asking from Lebanon at present. This issue in fact is very strange.
Third, regarding the facts of the issue, meaning those who appeared to say we demand Hizbullah to deliver its arms to the state; did those great people appear with the land of Shibaa Farms freed and will the owners of this land be able to return to it? Did these magnificent people appear to ask us to disarm while accompanying with them the captives in the south? Did they come with real guarantees that will defend Lebanon and that the Israeli enemy that keeps threatening until this moment – just before I came to record this speech Olmert was threatening Lebanon – maintains the country within the circle of threats with the possibility of attacking it at any time. Who can defend this country? Who can teach the enemy a lesson? Who can render this enemy pay dearly?
Yes, today we can claim to be proud. On the other hand, any decision the Israeli government may adopt in the future, it will take into consideration that the war with Lebanon is not a picnic and that the war with Lebanon is very costly pertaining to mankind, building, economy and dignity. This view in fact is being studied within the enemy entity in an accurate form. The next days will reveal the real losses on more than one field as a result of this present conflict. Therefore, what are the alternatives which you have in possession?
As for the Lebanese army, we support the deployment of the Lebanese army. However, the Lebanese army with its current situation and present capacities, can it fight a war that may be forced on Lebanon? Also the UN forces, even if they were boosted with ten, twenty or fifty thousand soldiers, when “Israel” initiates an attack on Lebanon, can the UN forces take a stand and defend and protect Lebanon? This issue is unlikely. Therefore, the issue relates to the fate of the country, defending the country. We must not approach this issue with this hastiness and simplicity. This issue is complicated. As we said, we are all ready to debate and still are ready for the dialogue. We discussed this issue for a long time at the dialogue table. A rough tone has been always used as a constant reason.
We agree to the deployment of the state’s authority, and we originally are part of the state. Are we outside the state? No, we are inside the government, inside the parliament, and we are a main part of this country and believe in the state, but what kind of a state. We believe in the powerful, capable, fair, resisting and assuring state, the state which renders all Lebanese feel that it represents them. We have unanimously agreed to this issue at the dialogue table. This present and existent state; is this state powerful, capable, fair, resisting and assuring for all the stratums and political current in Lebanon? This issue needs thinking at the dialogue table.
The discussion always pertained to this meaning. For instance, some people may appear to say that the resistance disarmament is a main condition for the building of a powerful and capable state. I say the opposite, that the building of a powerful, capable, resisting and assuring state would be the natural introduction for this state to come to the Lebanese people, the people in the south, and tell them, our citizens, we are a powerful, capable and resisting state. We can protect your dignity, blood, honor and pride. Hence, you do not need to be part of public frameworks such as the resistance or possess a special weapon such as the resistance weapon.
The beginning starts from the building of a powerful and capable state that can defend the people and the dignity of the country. The issue does not end at point. This is a serious fallacy [when they say otherwise].
Anyhow, I wish to conclude by returning the discussion to its natural position and continue discussing this matter. I believe that this issue renders Lebanon lose its power at present. Lebanon’s strength is in its resistance, not only its special resistance, but it is its general resistance that includes steadfastness, solidarity, and direct presence on the field coupled with the special resistance and the national unity. If we maintain these two elements of strength we can build the capable and powerful state with its army, security institutes, and political and civil institutes. Therefore, this can create the solution for all the present problems in the country.
Do not waste the present element of force in the county. In other words, do not be involved in matters and competitions where you will waste the resistance and unity. This does not help building the powerful and capable state, knowing that we unanimously agree that this sort of state is the only solution and exit for the future of Lebanon, and for us all to live in the shade of this state that will defend everyone, maintain the dignity of everyone, protect everyone, and reassure everyone.
Therefore, let us all return this discussion to its natural circles and go back to the point of the real discussion. I believe that through the serious discussion, through the wise people existent in this country, through our sense of responsibility, and far from the informative and public discussions and biddings, I am certain that we can reach the suitable solutions that can accomplish the national interest from all its different sides.
In the end, I congratulate those returning to their homes, they return triumphant. And I reassure them and you, for you are the people of this land, the owners of this land. You are this land’s dignity and honor. Through you, the land will be built, the dignity will stand, and history will be made.
Peace be upon all of you.