SCAF Decided on the Transfer of Authority and Presidential Election in August

SCAF Decided on the Transfer of Authority and Presidential Election in August

The Supreme Council for the Armed Forces (SCAF) has decided on a deadline to achieve the demands of the political powers and the coalition of the youth of 25 January’s Revolution according to the representatives of the coalition who met with leaders of the army.

According to SCAF, a referendum will be held in April 2011, parliamentary elections in June and presidential elections in August.

Mohamed Abbas, representative of the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood in the coalition, said: “The Army leaders confirmed the dismissal of all governors of provinces and the dissolution of the State Security apparatus in a maximum of two months.”

He added, “We were promised justice for all those responsible for the violence in the last Friday, in which some military police attacked hundreds of protesters who attempted to organize a sit-in in front of the Council of Ministers, calling for the dismissal of Shafiq’s government on Saturday morning”.

He pointed out that “The meeting was attended by leaders of the army, Assistant Minister of Defence Major General Mohsen El-Fengry and Leader of the Second Field Army Major General Mahmoud Hegazy, who stressed that the Armed Forces has already started investigation to find out those responsible for the “irresponsible” acts, as they described it.”

A military source stressed that the SCAF has “Discussed with the youth the results which were reached by the Committee for Constitutional Amendments, amendments of the articles, the procedures decided for electing a president of the republic, abolition of the anti-Terrorism Law  and changes of other articles in the Constitution.”