• September 28, 2011

SCAF Sets Date For Elections, Democratic Alliance Meets to Discuss Final Stance

SCAF Sets Date For Elections, Democratic Alliance Meets to Discuss Final Stance

SCAF has stated that a decision has been made to open the doors for candidacy for both the parliamentary and Shura elections on October 12, 2011. The country’s military rulers said Tuesday in an announcement that the elections would begin November 28 with its second phase scheduled for January 10, 2012. It maintained that the first session for the People’s Assembly will be held on March 17 while the Shura council will convene on March 24.

The military also announced an amended election law where two-thirds of parliament will now be elected through a party list proportional representation system, including women, and the rest should be independents.

The law governing the parliamentary election has proved a disappointment to political forces who have voiced their opposition since its issuance.  The council disregarded discussions with the political groups over the shape of the new law, they said.

 Meanwhile the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) called for the political isolation of remnants from the former ruling party the NDP. The Wafd Party agreed, describing the amendment as a breach in the constitution. Maintaining the individual candidacy system would see the return to parliament of the same officials and corrupt businessmen that dominated the Mubarak regime’s National Democratic Party (NDP), both parties argued.

The Democratic Alliance has scheduled a meeting for Wednesday at the FJP’s headquarters to discuss the recent amendments to the electoral law, and steps to be taken during the upcoming phase.