• July 28, 2006
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Scholars & Islamic Figures Meet in Lebanon To Discuss Crisis

Scholars & Islamic Figures Meet in Lebanon To Discuss Crisis

The Islamic group in Lebanon called Scholars, Islamic Figures and Heads of effective Islamic Societies for a meeting to discuss how to face the progressive Zionist aggression on Lebanon, and issued the following statement:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


The Final Communiqué


Scholars, Islamic Figures and Heads of Islamic Societies Meeting in Lebanon


 The Islamic group in Lebanon called Scholars, Islamic Figures and Heads of effective Islamic Societies: * Liberation Party * Islamic Union Society * Islamic Monotheism Movement * Islamic Societies and Figures Meeting * Union of Beirut, The Dignity * Social Taqwah (Piety) Society * Islamic Society of Guidance and Reform * Social Rescue Assembly * Abrar (Devotees) Beneficiary Society * Relief Committee affiliated to Zakat (Almsgiving) House * Islamic Beneficence and Society * Palestine Scholars Association * Jerusalem Foundation * Syndicalistic Reform Complex * Working for Islam Forces * Beneficiary and Guidance Society- Tripoli * Islamic Iman Scouts Society- Tripoli * Muslim Students Association * Al- Aqsa Backing up Authority * AlBayan Cultural Center… to discuss how to face the progressive Zionist aggression on Lebanon, and issued the following statement:

 Lebanon has been suffering for two weeks from the Zionist aggression, which resulted in the killing of hundreds, seriously causing a big damage for the innocent civilians, and devastating the infrastructure in many Lebanese districts.

 Though the Zionist posted justification (freeing the two Israeli prisoners) does not account for these atrocities, the United States regards this aggression as reasonable, and moreover prevented a cease fire decision.

Out of the Lebanese Islamic forces’ national responsibility, and because we realize the risks of the Zionist project on Palestine, Lebanon, and the entire Muslim World, they state the following:


First: Resisting the Zio- American project in the region is an obligatory on all Muslims and Arabs, because this project targets us all, especially in Lebanon. If the previous conditions did not allow some of them to participate in the resistance, we hope that the national dialogue on the defensive strategy would lead to the participation of all, as well as utmost cooperation and integrity between the state and resistance.


 Second: They call upon the Arab and Muslim states to support the issue, by denouncing the Zionist aggression, surviving and activating the Mutual Arab Defense Convention, expelling the Zionist ambassadors, and stopping the normalization, calling for cease fire, after which we negotiate the exchange of prisoners. We condemn all the mere bystanders, or who equate the aggressors with the victims, and who condemn the resistance and justify the Zionist actions. We denounce the shameful conspiracy and doubtful silence of some of the Arab regimes. We hail the popular Islamic response on the international level for backing the resistance.


 Third: All the attendees duly appreciate the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, their Jihad, the sacrifices of the Lebanese- especially in the South, border areas and Beirut southern district- and the solidarity feelings, which were very evident in warmly welcoming the Lebanese emigrants and offering them support. This aggression should be a reason for uniting all the factions in a comprehensive national unity, not for disputes and trouble.


Fourth: We support the call of the supreme legitimate Islamic Council (calling all the Lebanese to continue solidarity and steadfastness in facing the Israeli tyrannical aggression) and appealing the Muslims (to remain united and face any trial to separate them or raise disputes). We appreciate the call launched by the Mawarena archbishops appealing the entire country to forget the political disputes and face this ordeal, because this time is not for personal reckoning, but for solidarity, understanding, and courage.


Fifth: The attendees call their brothers in the Arab and Muslim worlds to provide the Palestinians and Lebanese with political and material support to face the Zionist aggression and the American pressure on them because of backing the resistance and its project, which aims at protecting the Arabs and Muslims from demolishing their entity and solidarity in the current confrontation. They also call upon the scholars and intelligentsia to assume their leading and vital role in this respect. The attendees agreed that their meetings will be always open.

Beirut, 29 Jumada ??, 1427 H

25 July, 2006 A.D.