Scholars issue decree banning self immolation

Scholars issue decree banning self immolation

Since Tunis’s uprise wide reports have revealed that at least 10 protesting citizens from North Africa most from Egypt have engaged in self-immolation in protest to unemployment and escalating food and commodity prices.

A decree has been declaredhowever forbidding these immolation acts and self injury regardless of reason as Muslim Clerics have ascertained that under Islamic law, these acts are forbidden.

With increased corruption and difficult living standards Egyptians have resorted to these measures which many believe could have a domino effect if Egypt’s ruling regime fails to improve living standards.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has warned authorities that the people have reached their tolerance threshold and have offered an agenda which includes 5 demands to improve the country’s stability.

According to University scholars the violation suggests many of the people setting themselves ablaze may be suffering from mental issues.