Scottish delegation decides to bring more convoys to break siege on Gaza

Scottish delegation decides to bring more convoys to break siege on Gaza

Members of the Scottish delegation who left the besieged Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point a couple of days after they paid a solidarity visit to it vowed to lead more convoys to the Gaza Strip in a bid to rescind the blockade on the 1.5 million Palestinians living there.

In a report it issued Monday, and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the information office of the delegations” reception committee in the PA government pointed out that the Scottish delegation comprised four prominent Scottish figures, including MSP Pauline McNeill, who chairs the pro-Palestine committee in the Scottish parliament, and three other religious leaders, adding that the delegation pledged not to relax their efforts till the siege on Gaza is over once and for all.

The delegation also toured a number of places in Gaza city, including the PLC building, and many houses that were destroyed during the Israeli war on the Strip last January.

The delegation also visited families of the Palestinian captives in Israeli jails, and pledged support for the prisoners” issue. They also visited a number of PA ministers and lawmakers who briefed them on the damage that was inflicted by the Israeli war on the coastal Strip.

For her part, McNeill stressed that the “oppressive” siege would break one day, asserting that the visit was supported by the Scottish government and the legislature.

Moreover, the Scottish MP explained that the Palestinian people need a just political solution that should lead to ending the Israeli occupation of their country, and that the Scottish people support that cause.

She also criticized the Israeli oppressive policies against the Palestinian people, and urged the British government to play stronger role in the region in order to end the ordeal of the Palestinian people.