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by: Mohammed Abdul-Raouf 2009-12-28
Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Dr. Mohamed Habib denied having any intention of moving away or splitting from the organization after not being elected to the organization's Guidance Office...

by: By Dr. Hamad Al-Majid 2009-11-6
The London-based Iranian conference which raises the slogan of Islamic unity "will be nothing more than a means to communicate destructive sectarian ideas to Islamic countries that are not aware of these doctrines which insult the Companions of the Prophet and slight his wives." This is according to a strongly-worded statement calling for the boycott of the Third International Conference for the proximity between the Islamic sects in London. This is a conference which works in harmony with Iran's interests, and therefore it was the most natural thing in the world for such a statement to be issued...

by: Mshari Al-Zaydi 2009-7-10
The Muslim Brotherhood was not content with the support of a famous television channel and presenter affiliated to the movement and the manager of that television channel who embraces the ideology of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood fears that the owners of the satellite channel could wane under local and foreign pressures, thereby putting an end to their media coverage and support of the Brotherhood...

by: Abdel Sattar Hatati 2008-9-3
The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] group, Mahdi Akif launched a scathing attack on Egyptian authorities. ..

by: Mohammed Al Shafey 2008-6-23
London, Asharq Al-Awsat- A number of Egyptian experts and intellectuals have been critical of the Muslim Brotherhood’s program. However, there are other experts who have another view of the program; for instance, they say that while it has some negative points, it is not devoid of positive ones...

by: Tariq Alhomayed 2008-2-7
Talk of a Palestinian state has become meaningless today, and it’s all thanks to Hamas. The discussion presently revolves around a crossing – as opposed to a state...

The recent passing of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein al Ahmar has caused considerable confusion inasmuch as it has raised questions. Speaker of the Yemeni parliament,..

by: Salah al Naimi 2007-12-26
Gaza, Asharq Al-Awsat- On a rainy night on 23 December 1987, the sound of rainfall was only obscured by the cries of the people who had gathered in the al Mujamaa al Islami (The Islamic Charitable League) in the Sabra district in Gaza...

by: Mshari Al-Zaydi 2007-12-15
Amidst all this clamor in our region regarding elections, democracy and the issues that surround it, which we hear about almost everywhere in the Arab and Islamic worlds, from the elections of members of parliament to members of the local municipality, from the head of state to heads of faculties ─ despite all of this fruitless clamor, we should stop and confront the dilemma that is democracy in our miserable Arab world...

by: Manal Lotfi 2007-11-17
Necmettin Erbakan was the first Islamist to become prime minister of Turkey. A mechanical engineer, academic and veteran politician..

by: Diana Mukkaled 2007-10-11
The first session of the trial of Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Eissa, who stands accused of publishing false news concerning the health of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, was held recently. ..

by: Tariq Alhomayed 2007-10-9
In preparation for the American withdrawal from Iraq, activity is in full swing to fill the imminent vacuum in Baghdad...

by: Fahmy Huwaidi 2007-9-28
This background information makes me claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is wronged and is a wrong doer as much as the party program is concerned. ..

by: Tariq Alhomayed 2007-9-26
"Sheikh Salman al Ouda’s distancing himself from Bin Laden at a time when those absolving themselves of Al Qaeda’s leader have nothing to lose and no price to pay is similar to condemning Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime today,..

by: Mshari Al-Zaydi 2007-9-9
What causes astonishment, rather than admiration, in the aftermath of the recent victory of the Turkish Justice and Development Party, are the congratulations and comments expressed by many Islamists in the Arab world. ..

Interview with Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman, Mehdi Akef Asharq Al-Awsat speaks to Mehdi Akef, the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood about its ideology and the apprehensions that surround the movement, its strategy, and its positions on the Egyptian and Arab policies...

by: Asharq Al-Awsat 2006-12-23

US researcher: There is no relation between Mohamed Ibn Abdul Wahab, Hassan Al Banna and Sayed Qotb with religious extremism

by: Essam el-Arian 2007-7-7
The Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) attitudes towards the latest constitutional amendments were the clearest among those of other political powers.....

by: Majdi Abdel Al 2007-6-24
he outlawed Muslim Brotherhood Group has preempted the campaigning season for the Egyptian parliamentary elections, scheduled for November, and launched an advertisement campaign explaining its election platform and the history of the group in a video program aired for two hours yesterday on its internet site...

by: Saber Abdul Majid 2007-6-21
In a break with tradition, Muslim Brotherhood candidates in Egypt ’s upcoming parliamentary elections were instructed to include the name of the organization in all their campaign literature and speeches instead of the old slogan “Islamic Current”, according to informed sources...